Real Nursery Inspiration: Magnolia’s Eclectic Vintage Nursery

Tania is a mama I met through Instagram. She lives in Canada with her husband Dustin, their little boy Henri and new baby Miss Magnolia. I absolutely adore Tania’s style and blog – the girl has seriously fantastic taste – so it’s no surprise that she knocked it out of the park when she designed Magnolia’s nursery.

Here’s what she had to say about the space:

“When we found out we were having a little girl, we knew we wanted to make her space feminine but not girly. We didn’t have the intention to make it look vintage, but with all the sentimental pieces we incorporated (from our grandparents houses & our travels), it ended up looking very eclectic, which we love. We can’t wait for the day that we can share the stories with her of where all the elements in her room came from & what significance they have to us. For each element in her room we found at a large box store, we were sure to match it by introducing something unique & handmade, which made for a very custom & personal feel without the high price tag.


The challenge in a nursery is to the keep the functionality of everything, [while staying] stylish. We had ease of use in mind above aesthetic, which we were then able to customize & make our own both easily & inexpensively. Wish we could credit extensive planning & eye for design on the color scheme of the room, but truth be told, we chose a color we loved for the accent wall & relied on good old trial & error for the rest. We wanted things to ‘go well’ together but not ‘match,’ and the end product flows nicely.

Lastly, we wanted to incorporate the trend of having a reading nook for her to grow into but wanted it to be different. The idea of acrylic ghost shelving that let the books act as artwork on the wall appealed to us so much, but we couldn’t find any shelves in our budget. Finally, we stumbled upon a greeting card display wholesaler online & repurposed them as a library. It may be our favorite part of her room! We hope she enjoys spending time in her space as much as we enjoyed putting it together. We can’t wait to watch her grow up in there!”

Check out all the lovely details below!

  • Real Nursery Inspiration: Magnolia's Eclectic Vintage Nursery

    Real Nursery Inspiration: Magnolia's Eclectic Vintage Nursery

    Check out this sweet and unexpected nursery that is absolutely perfect for a little girl to grow into!

  • Crib


    The color of this wall makes it a fantastic focal point for the room. I love that it’s positively girly, without being an obnoxious shade of pink. I’m not a huge pink lover myself and I would totally use this color in my home. It’s fun, but still feels sophisticated.

  • Reading and Rocking area

    Reading and Rocking area

    Magnolia and her Daddy hang out in the rocking and reading area of her room. That rocker looks so cozy and chic and I love the fun pattern of the rug. Those nesting tables are vintage finds from Tania’s grandma’s house and the reading shelves are my favorite part of the space – acrylic shelving that’s actually meant for greeting card displays! So inexpensive and it creates a really unique look and a fun way to display books as part of the decor.

  • Nesting table close-up

    Nesting table close-up

    Magnolia’s nursery is a beautiful blend of new and old and there are plenty of personal touches throughout the space, including these little dolls that Tania and Dustin got during their honeymoon in Hong Kong.

  • Reading wall close-up

    Reading wall close-up

    Here’s a close-up of the reading wall. The book choices were carefully curated and I love the little wire display for Instagram prints. It will be a fun way for Magnolia to look at family and friends and the photos can be easily changed out.

  • Changing area

    Changing area

    My favorite area of this room is the changing area. There are so many fun details hidden throughout this entire area from the eclectic art wall and all to the carefully chosen objects on the dresser turned changing table. Also – that light fixture brings in a lovely bit of whimsy to the space.

  • Dresser close-up

    Dresser close-up

    Here’s a close-up of Magnolia’s dresser/changing table. Tania made the dresser feel more customized by swapping out the original handles for these red ones and it definitely adds an element of fun. It’s little touches like these that make a nursery feel truly special.

  • Art wall

    Art wall

    The art wall is a lovely mix of new and vintage pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes. Definitely one of the best art walls I’ve seen.

  • Side table details

    Side table details

    I love how Tania used functional items as decorative pieces. The bright colors of this set of literary classics is a great example of that. The books are ones that Magnolia will surely love as she gets older.

  • Colorful curtains + Quirky Prints

    Colorful curtains + Quirky Prints

    The unexpected pops of color throughout Magnolia’s nursery are fantastic. So many great texture variations as well which give the space a wonderful depth and warmth. These turquoise velvet curtains are the perfect example. The quirky artwork ties it all together making it feel fun and appropriate for a little one, but still stylish enough for a parent to appreciate. Honestly, I love everything about this space! Thank you so much for letting me share your hard work and creativity Tania!

Keep up with Tania and her family’s adventures at her blog Mama In Bloom or on Instagram (@mamainbloom)!

{All photos by Mango Studios}

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