Real Nursery Inspiration: Karis Ruby’s Modern Vintage Nursery

I’m so excited to share today’s nursery with you. My friend Molly Kidd of the blog Urban Nester put together a lovely space for her brand new baby girl Karis Ruby and it pretty much embodies my approach to nursery design. It’s totally functional while still being chic and there’s a great balance of simplicity and whimsy. It’s a space that both an adult and a little one would enjoy being and the juxtaposition of modern and vintage pieces makes the space feel cozy and warm. When I asked Molly to share a bit about Karis’ space she said, “I wanted her space to be more feminine, and less babyish. I prefer simple design, and wanted the nursery to flow with the rest of our house, so I stuck primarily with black, white, grey, gold, and touches of mustard and various shades of pink. I’m happy with how the space turned out!” I hope you enjoy and thanks so much for letting me share your design handiwork Molly!

  • Real Nursery Inspiration: Karis Ruby's Modern Vintage Nursery

    Real Nursery Inspiration: Karis Ruby's Modern Vintage Nursery

    Check out this adorable space that’s girly and sweet, simple and chic, modern and vintage all at the same time!

  • Grouped items

    Grouped items

    I love the way Molly grouped the artwork for Karis’ room on some super simple shelving up high where Karis won’t be able to get to them, but also left baby friendly items like stuffed toys and blankets where she will be able to easily access them once she’s mobile. It’s a great balance of creating a space that both parents and Baby can enjoy.

  • Vignette close-up

    Vignette close-up

    Here’s a close-up of the shelf in Karis’ room. Molly created a great juxtaposition between modern pieces and pieces that have more of a vintage rustic flair.

  • Sleeping area

    Sleeping area

    The soft color palette of Karis’ room is chic and simple and a soothing place to rest, while still being fun and not feeling too grown-up. The big “K” on the wall is a fun touch, as is the tassel banner. I’m a sucker for tassel garlands in nurseries.

  • Tassel garland close-up

    Tassel garland close-up

    Here’s a close-up of the tassel garland that Molly made. I love the touch of gold!

  • Changing and storage area

    Changing and storage area

    Babies have a lot of tiny things to access, which Molly seems to know since she created a great little changing area. I really like the idea of the rolling shelf cart to keep items that she will need to access regularly. It’s a great way to maintain organization while still considering design. I’m also a big fan of the vintage ladder as blanket storage. I do the same at my house and it works great!

  • Sweet little details

    Sweet little details

    I love this idea of incorporating clothing into nursery decor. If you have some favorite items of clothing, why not showcase them like Molly did? I love how the tulle of this dress is balanced by the less feminine antler hook.

  • Art close-up

    Art close-up

    Such a fun little art series for Karis to enjoy as she gets older. The perfect shot of whimsy for this adorable space.

If you want to see more from Molly, you can follow her adventures at Urban Nester or on Instagram!

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