Finding Nemo Deluxe Hooded Towel

The product mentioned in this post was provided free of charge by Disney Baby. To find out more about this item for purchase, please click here.

Bath time is one of Baby Z’s favorite activities. She refuses to actually sit down, but loves to splash in the water. Pouring water from a cup and filling it back up, keeps her occupied during her entire bath. She’d stay in the tub all day if she could! We recently received the Finding Nemo Deluxe Hooded Towel to review. I was certain this would be the trick to draw my little fish out of the tub.

I was happy with the quality and efficiency of the towel. It got the job done and it did it well. It took Baby Z a while to get used to the hood, but once she did, she was hooked! It was fun to see a towel turn into a bit of a game with Baby Z. She enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with Nemo! This would make the perfect gift for any Finding Nemo baby fan..

What’s your favorite Finding Nemo bath time product?


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