Ready to Take Off as a Mother of Four

It’s almost here. Very shortly, I will become a mother of four. Four. Motherhood is in and of itself a true blessing. So how grateful am I to be blessed with the opportunity to be called “Mama” by four little people? Incredibly grateful! I’ve been told that mothering four is easier than three. If that’s true, then I know for sure that I’ll have this mommyhood x 4 in the bag.

Ready For Takeoff as a Mother of 4

Sometimes I still consider myself as a new mom even though I have a seven year old. Every experience with her is a new venture in motherhood. But for my babies, I’d like to say I pretty much know what I’m doing by now. Sure every baby is different, but my motherly instinct kicks in and I know exactly what my baby needs. When one person suggest a feeding, I know that my baby is more likely feeling too warm. Perhaps someone thinks my baby needs a nap, but as her Mama, I know she just wanted some cuddling time with mom. Thanks for looking out, but I got this.


I can now change diapers with my eyes closed, I breastfeed like a champ, and I can put baby in a car seat faster than you can say “I think your baby needs something.” I know what I’m doing this far into motherhood. Through sleep deprived eyes, I can see the beauty of those first few weeks postpartum. The newborn stage is a wonderful but fleeting time. The tiny-ness of it all won’t last. Going into my fourth time having a newborn, you better be sure I’m going to savor every single little thing from the tiny toes to the giant mini yawns.

I won’t be overexerting myself to get everything done anymore. As long as everyone is fed, healthy, and happy, it’ll be considered a perfect day. Who cares if there are crayons and library books all over the living room, dishes overflowing in the sink, and the beds haven’t been made in 4 days? I have more important things to focus on. My kiddos. I will have four children that want to spend time with Mama. They’ll want me to read them stories, and then 4 more. My kids will ask to make chocolate chip cookies at the most random hour of the day, and I will oblige.

As I embark on this journey of being a mother of four, my goal is to focus on being there for each and every one of them more than I have ever before. To laugh through the chaos, to readily disregard my to-do lists, and to stop and smell the flowers when they point them out on our walks. With each child, I realize how truly important my role is in their lives. I am their everything, just as these blessings that I have been bestowed with are mine.

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