Reading Favorites: The Story of Ferdinand

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn’t go super crazy shopping for a million little things for her. I did purchase a few things though, and “The Story of Ferdinand” was one of them. It is one of my most favorite books about a little pacifist bull who much prefers to sit and smell the flowers to rough housing with the other bulls his age. I discovered this book during my days as a preschool teacher and knew it was going to be one that I must add to my daughter’s future library.

Reading Favorites: The Story of Ferdinand

I remember thinking it would be so far away before Fern would actually be old enough to show interest in this book since the pictures are black and white and it’s pretty long. I figured she wouldn’t care about it for another year at least, but recently I brought it out and to my surprise, she loved it and sat through the entire thing, even requesting an encore!

We’ve read the book so many times now that she can fill in the blanks when I stop reading. Her favorite part is when Ferdinand sits just quietly and smells the flowers, because smelling flowers is one of my Fern’s most favorite pastimes. She doesn’t pick, but sits just quietly and smells the flowers like Ferdinand, which is why I think she likes the book so much. She can relate.

Recently I posted this photo of my favorite children’s book to my Instagram and some of my IG friends informed me that there is actually a 1938 Disney short of this book called “Ferdinand the Bull”. I had no clue! Fern and I watched it the other day when she woke up from nap and ever since she keeps requesting “Fer-nan!” It’s pretty sweet.

I love sharing some of my favorites with my girl and it makes my heart so happy that we can both share our love of Ferdinand the Bull.

What are some of your favorite children’s books that you were/are excited to share with your little one?

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