“Prints Charming” | Reading and Book Nursery Art Prints for Your Bookworm

One of the most important things I can instill in my children is a love for reading. We read together as often as we can and I try to keep books easily accessible throughout the house. While we own a respectable amount of books, majority of our reading material is checked out from our local library. Only in the library can I tell my children “pick whatever you want!” without feeling financial consequence — unless we love our books too long and rack up late fees! We adore the library for the wonderful service it provides our community. In honor of National Library Week (April 14-20, 2013), I’ve compiled great art prints inspired by books and the library for your baby bookworm’s nursery.

  • Bookworm Round-Up

    Bookworm Round-Up

    Click through to view more than twenty wonderful art prints from Etsy for your child’s room.

  • Literary Fort

    Literary Fort

    Reading doesn’t get anymore magical than when it’s shared with a friend under a fort built with books.

    Literary Fort by GenevieveSantos

  • Friends and Books

    Friends and Books

    These two reading friends make for an adorable set of bookends. Print available in three color choices.

    Read to Me available from ohhellodear

  • By the Order of the Management

    By the Order of the Management

    Encourage your little one to read with this straight forward house rule.

    Read a Book available from John W. Golden

  • If You Give a Mouse a Book

    If You Give a Mouse a Book

    If you give a mouse a book you end up with this adorable illustration with optional glitter accents.

    Read With Me available from Rose Hill Design Studio

  • Bookish Giraffe

    Bookish Giraffe

    My love of giraffes and books combine in this adorable and cheery print.

    Bookish Giraffe available from Trafalgar’s Square

  • Personalized Book Stack

    Personalized Book Stack

    Personalize this stack of books with your child’s name and customize it to coordinate with their nursery colors.

    Book Stack available from inkwelldesignstudio

  • Reading In Her Castle

    Reading In Her Castle

    This princess truly knows the power of a great book.

    Princess Truly and Sir Noodles available from TheExtentofSilence

  • Tent Reading

    Tent Reading

    Read under the stars with a buddy and get taken away into your story.

    Boy Reading in Tent available from PinwheelKids

  • Book Love

    Book Love

    A stack of books that speaks to your heart.

    I Read available from ParadaCreations

  • Stuck on Reading

    Stuck on Reading

    Even this little guy is a stickler for books and reading.

    Porcupine Can Read available from JaneHeinrichs

  • Teddy Bear Reader

    Teddy Bear Reader

    This cuddly teddy bear knows that you can climb to new heights with a great story.

    Cute Brown Teddy Bear available from NaturesHeavenlyArt

  • Library Dog

    Library Dog

    Bright and colorful, this print will always pull baby’s eyes toward a tall tower of books.

    Library Dog available from LNZart

  • Read on Cowgirl

    Read on Cowgirl

    She lassoed a captivating book and will be reading until sunset.

    Western Read available from trafalgarssquare

  • Bookish Boy

    Bookish Boy

    A handsome little guy sharing a read with a pal.

    Bookish Boy available from trafalgarssquare

  • Reading Owls

    Reading Owls

    Whooo loves to read? These owls do.

    Owls Reading available from lisadejohn

  • Sweet Reader

    Sweet Reader

    A charming little beauty far away in the land of “Once Upon A Time.”

    Little Scholar available from trafalgarssquare

  • Stack of Books

    Stack of Books

    Seated on a stack of books, she’ll never be far from an enchanting tale.

    Book Love available from NessaDee

  • Take Me Away

    Take Me Away

    Off to far away lands, this print shows that books can take you anywhere.

    Books Can Take You Anywhere available from thelittlefox

  • Bookish Owl

    Bookish Owl

    High on her perch of books, she’ll “owl-ways” be close to a good book.

    Bookish Owl available from TheFoxandTheTeacup

  • Girly Reading

    Girly Reading

    Pink, ponytails, and cupcakes make this girly print that much sweeter. Boy versions also available.

    Explore available from rkdsign88

  • All Boy

    All Boy

    Snakes, toads, and knee scrapes don’t phase this guy as he obviously loves to read!

    He Loves To Read available from artsyants

  • Wise Words

    Wise Words

    If you really think about it, all we really need in life is a garden and a library.

    Garden and Library available from CupandCakeart

  • Lovely Seat

    Lovely Seat

    Without a doubt, the best seat in the house is the one closest to the books.

    The Library available from NestaHome

  • Reading Bunny Buddies

    Reading Bunny Buddies

    A soft place in the grass is the perfect spot for this bunny duo to read.

    Read to Me available from RoseHillDesignStudio

  • Read-head


    With his head in the clouds, this “read-head” isn’t afraid to go out on a limb with his tale of adventure. A choice of alternate looks available too.

    Redhead Boy Reading available from TheExtentofSilence

  • Read Me a Story

    Read Me a Story

    This lovely print captures the simplicity of a good book and cuddly friend.

    Read Me a Story available from ohhellodear


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