If You’re Raising a “Firecracker,” Just Sit Back and Enjoy the Show

The other day I was scrolling through my camera phone and stopped to look at a few photos from the Fourth of July. It’s one of my favorite holidays, mostly because of the fireworks and partially because of the funnel cakes we always get at the firework show.


I often refer to my Lola as a little “firecracker.” She’s loud, energetic and full of light. She commands our attention and at times we all find ourselves captivated (or baffled) by this tiny human who made her way into our lives and hearts. She’s a fiery little one, quick to assert herself and she loves fiercely.

Her presence reiterated for me how scary motherhood is and all of the noise that comes with it — the hosts of people telling you what you should and shouldn’t do, your inner voice telling you you’re doing it all wrong — the noise that if one is not careful can consume you, causing you to forget to stop and marvel at what is happening before you.

Like the twinkle in your child’s eyes and how it kind of feels like it reflects the sparkle in yours.

In raising a firecracker, I’ve been reminded that sometimes I need to just sit back and “enjoy the show.” It’s ok to sit on the sidelines while my little one works that toddler magic. It’s ok to giggle and ooh and aah.

And it’s ok to be a little scared or nervous too. I’m raising a tiny human and she’s got an agenda of her own. But I can’t let my fear prevent me from letting her be who she is meant to be. And I certainly don’t want to miss seeing her childhood unfold before me.

May she always shine bright, and may we always celebrate the gift we have been given in the form of our very own firecracker.

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