Rainy Day Ideas for Little Ones Under 2

In just a matter of time, the rainy season will be here. Although the temperature will be warmer, I’m sure we’ll still feel a bit of cabin fever as thunderstorms leave us trapped inside. From my experience though, rainy weather is way better on little ones than snow. We can still get outside to splash in the puddles (as long as there isn’t lightning) and it makes for a cozy, creative day indoors. As a stay-at-home mom, rain sort of forces me to get creative. It makes me come up with fun (and sometimes messy) ways to have fun with my little ones. Here are a few rainy day ideas for little ones under 2…

Play in the rain – Little ones LOVE sensory activities, and rain is a good one! Splash in puddles, collect rain in jars, and make rain art! The more you can interact with the rain, the more those rainy days won’t seem so bad. My girls love to put on their rainboots and get wet outside. They also love learning about the weather. We have made homemade rain sticks, drawn pictures of the rain, made rainbow art, and more. Rain makes for a fun and educational sensory activity!


Get messy – If you can’t go outside and play, it’s time to get messy inside. Rainy days are perfect for painting, making slime, and doing other things that involve a bit of a mess. As a mom who constantly feels surrounded by a mess, I have to remind myself that through messy play, they learn. And so if it takes me a few more minutes to clean up a project, that’s okay.

Get creative – Rainy days are perfect for the imagination! My girls and I have had so much fun making forts, putting on plays, playing dress up, , rocking out in our family band, and having dance parties in our living room. Rainy days seem to lag on forever, so out-of-the-ordinary activities like these are great!

Cook or bake – Spending some time in the kitchen is another fabulous way to spend a rainy morning or afternoon. Kiddos love making (and eating!) cookies, muffins, and other fun treats. Both of my girls started helping out in the kitchen from the time they were just toddlers. Still to this day, they are more likely to eat something that they helped prepare!

When your first rainy day arrives, make sure to make the most of it instead of letting it get you down. Some of my favorite memories with my girlies happened on gloomy days when we were stuck inside.

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