30 Rainy-Day Activities to Enjoy with Your Little One

The rainy month has arrived! My little ones are quite the adventurers, spending a lot of time outdoors. Rainy days can cause a glitch in our normal routine, leaving the girls feeling disappointed about the wet weather.

Instead of complaining about the rain or giving in to cabin fever, I’ve opted to get creative! Rainy days are perfect for getting messy, doing things out of the ordinary, and making memories with your little ones!

  • Rain, Rain, Go Away! (Or Not!)

    Rain, Rain, Go Away! (Or Not!)

    Click through for 30 fun ways to enjoy a rainy day with your little one…

  • Splish Splash in the Puddles!

    Splish Splash in the Puddles!

    If it’s just raining (no thunder or lightning) take your little one out to enjoy it!

  • Use Rain for Art

    With washable or watercolor markers, you and your toddler can create this cool rain art!

    From Caroline Urdaneta for Terra Savvy

  • Collect the Rain!

    Collect the Rain!

    If it’s raining cats and dogs, put a clear jar outside, somewhere where baby can see it. Check it periodically to see how much you’ve collected!

  • Make a Rain Stick!

    Let your little one have fun making and playing with their very own rain stick!

    Get the tutorial on Spoonful

  • Make Cloud Art

    Make Cloud Art

    Using glue and cotton balls, help your little one make cloud art! After all, rain comes from the clouds!

  • Learn about the Weather!

    Learn about the Weather!

    There’s no better time to teach your little one about weather than during a rain storm! While it’s raining, talk about rain and sun, snow and ice, thunder and lightning…

  • Make a Terrarium

    Make a Terrarium

    After you splash in the puddles, go on a mini-adventure and collect things for a terrarium! Moss, dirt, rocks… anything you find can make a cool decoration!

  • Give Thanks to the Rain

    Give Thanks to the Rain

    When your little one is frustrated about their rainy day, talk about why rain is good! It brings us water, it gives water to animals, it keeps our gardens growing and our grass green!

  • Try a Rainy Day Recipe

    Yes, it might be messy, but your little one will love helping out in the kitchen! Bake your favorite cookies or whip up a family recipe!

    Click HERE for rain-inspired recipes on Spoonful

  • Splish Splash in the Bath!

    Splish Splash in the Bath!

    If your little one enjoys bathtime, go ahead and have fun in the bath during the day!

  • Get Messy While Painting!

    Get Messy While Painting!

    For a fun, out-of-the-ordinary activity, paint! Use something fun like shaving cream or pudding and your little one go to town…

  • Painting Without the Mess

    If a messy activity isn’t your style, try no-mess painting!

    Get the full tutorial for no-mess painting from Living on Love

  • Playdough Time!

    Playdough Time!

    Break out the playdough or make your own! This fun activity can keep your little one busy for a long time…

  • Build a Fort

    Build a Fort

    This one is sure to be your little one’s favorite special thing! Use boxes and blankets, furniture and more to create a fun fort…

  • Enjoy a Puzzle

    Enjoy a Puzzle

    Rainy days are perfect for quiet activities like puzzles! Play with puzzles you already own, or make some by cutting up old photos or magazine pages.

  • Have a Dance Party!

    Have a Dance Party!

    When your kiddos are getting stir-crazy, a dance party can cure it all! Turn on their favorite tunes and get groovy with your little ones…

  • Play Hide & Seek

    Play Hide & Seek

    This toddler version of peek-a-boo can be a fun way to spend an afternoon indoors…

  • Practice Sorting

    Practice Sorting

    Sorting is a great sensory activity for little ones! (Parental guidance, of course!) Sort colors, buttons, pasta, coins… (laundry!) The options are endless!

  • Make a Collage

    Make a Collage

    Cut letters and photos out of old magazines, and let your little one make a collage! Decorate with glitter, ribbons, and more to make a fun piece of artwork…

  • Play with Water Beads

    Water beads are so fun and toddlers love playing with them!

    Get the full tutorial on Living on Love

  • Play I Spy

    Play I Spy

    A fun indoor activity is the game, I-Spy. Have your little one pay attention to their surroundings by asking them to find certain objects, colors, shapes, and more!

  • Explore Funky Textures

    Explore Funky Textures

    Grab a bowl and fill it with different objects for baby to explore – a bauble bracelet, a wooden spoon, a clean sponge, a bag of frozen peas… The options are endless!

  • Enjoy Some Coloring

    Enjoy Some Coloring

    There’s nothing like good, old-fashioned coloring!

  • Start a Band!

    Start a Band!

    Break out the pots and pans and enjoy a family jam session!

  • Have a Picnic Inside!

    Have a Picnic Inside!

    If your little one is dying to get outside, bring the outdoors in! Enjoy a picnic inside instead…

  • Movie

    Movie "Night"

    Create a special movie “night”by making popcorn and turning down the lights to watch your little one’s favorite movie! (For the older kiddos, of course!)

  • Play Dress-Up

    Play Dress-Up

    Break out the dress-up clothes and let your imagination run wild. Don’t have dress-up clothes? Use your own clothes or make some out of paper grocery bags!

  • Make a Sensory Bin

    Make a rainbow rice sensory bin for your little one to enjoy!

    Click here for the full tutorial on Living on Love

  • Put on a Puppet Show

    Put on a Puppet Show

    Use stuffed animals or make lunch-bag puppets and put on a show with your little ones!

  • Read a Book! (Or 30!)

    Read a Book! (Or 30!)

    Rainy days are perfect for story time! Snuggle up and read through all of your little one’s favorite books…

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