Quick Tips for Planning a Baby-Friendly Picnic

For me, sunny days mean picnics. I don’t know what it is, but dinner eaten outside is a hundred times more fun than that same dinner at the kitchen table. And my babies LOVE a picnic.

Of course, a picnic with little ones along is different than an adults-only picnic, so preparing for one is a bit different as well.

The first priority is finding a good spot, which definitely means shade to protect your baby’s sensitive skin. (I suppose everyone can benefit from staying in the shade, but babies especially!).

If you can find a place that’s stroller-friendly, I really love being able to load up my stroller basket with picnic supplies so I don’t have to act as pack mule, since, let’s be honest, a picnic with a little baby includes more stuff than one without.


When we first went picnicking with our little girls, my oldest daughter spilled her drink onto the food within two minutes of us sitting down. And then spilled what was left in her cup three minutes later. After that damp meal, we went to non-spill straw cups, which has made it more pleasant for everyone.

And obviously you’ll want to keep your camera handy, because for some reason there is nothing cuter than a baby outdoors. The first time we took our littlest girl on a picnic, she just laid happily on the blanket for nearly an hour, looking around and taking in all the new sights.

The best part is that, afterward, my girls sleep like a dream from all the fresh air and stimulation of being outdoors! And if that’s not the best reason to picnic, I don’t know what is.

Taking a baby along may change what you’re looking for in a picnic (and mean you come home earlier for bed than you might have otherwise), but it definitely makes for a fun and memorable summer meal.

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