12 Quick Meals My Toddler Loves

As a mom of five, dinner can be time consuming. It’s a process in our home! My husband is a great cook, so I am lucky to say — he makes all the meals. I’m better at cleaning up, so that is my job after dinner. When it’s time to eat, he makes the plates and I pass them out. At dinnertime we feel like drill sergeants, so planning meals makes things much easier for all. Especially when you have a baby! I like being able to choose meals that are Grayson-approved but still adult-friendly. Even though Grayson has only 3 teeth at 15 months-old — he eats everything we do, which makes dinnertime a breeze. However, it’s even easier when you can prepare quick and easy meals for all — toddler approved! If you’re looking to add some favorite dishes to your meal planning, you’re going to want to pin these right now!

Check out my favorite go to meals for busy parents with a toddler! 

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