How We Support His Need for Independence

The funny thing about babies is that they have to grow up.

The cuddly and quiet moments turn into wiggly and loud statements of independence and wanting to do things on their own. Anyone else stand in the parking of your local store for 20 minutes because your toddler wants to buckle their own car seat and screams bloody murder if you even attempt to help?

As we’ve watched Wyatt’s need for independence grow, we’ve also been looking for items that help keep the messes he leaves behind to a minimum. Whether it’s wanting to buckle his own car seat, eating or drinking things out of big boy cups and plates, or picking out his own clothes, he’s got an opinion. About everything. And when it’s different than ours, cue the meltdown.


He’s quite fond of wanting to carry his own cup around the house. He sees Mommy or Daddy with a cup and he starts saying, “Wyatt own water cup.” He says it in an adorable way, but nonetheless he wants his own and wants it now. The problem is, he’s not quite the steady Eddy he thinks he is. Which means the dog is more likely to get the water when it falls on the floor than he is. That’s why we’ve been loving these Grow Up Cups. They let him feel like he’s got something of his own while we have to do a little less cleaning.

The finding independence stage should really be called, “Testing My Parent’s Final Straw” stage, because they seem do it most at the least opportune time. I want nothing more than for my little buddy to find his independence and grow into a strong and independent individual, but I also want to get out the door before 2 p.m. I’ve written before how my son has forced me to be more patient and grow right along with him. This stage is just the next step for him and for me. While I know it’s easier if I just do whatever task that he’s wanting to do on his own, I have to understand that it’s not always about just getting it done. For him, it’s about trying, testing, and understanding new and exciting things. My baby is growing up, whether I want him to or not.

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