Preserving the Magic of Childhood in the Form of a Letter

Dear Friend,

For as long as I can remember I have been writing letters. In the beginning they were the love notes scribbled on pieces of notebook paper hand delivered to my mom or left in a place that I knew she would find them. Then they were letters written to friends on fancy stationary and sealed with a Hello Kitty sticker. Later they were notes carefully folded into tiny squares exchanged between friends during passing, and eventually words written in a card or typed into an email to a loved one, a recommendation for a youth or friend, or a heart felt plea for support for a cause.

Over time my letter writing has evolved and it is in this season of my life in which it gives me the most joy; for the majority of the letters that I write these days are those that are written to my daughters. While I do write the majority of letters to my girls on my personal blog I don’t only write them there. Sometimes I write short and sweet notes on napkins that get packed into the lunch bags and on the inside of books in hopes that one day they will happen upon them when reading a special story. Sometimes it’s a card or in the pages of a journal. And sometimes my oldest daughter writes me (and subsequently my heart melts. Always.).



Over the past couple years I have had people tell me that they wish they could write beautiful letters to their own children. And I always encourage them to. If it is from the heart then it is beautiful. I adore writing to my children not because I think I am a great writer but because when I write to them my feelings take on the formation of letters which then become words. I can only hope that those feelings are felt by them as they read them – my words, their mama’s words.

For me writing letters has been a way to share what is going on in our lives at that moment. While I don’t necessarily write enough to paint the entire picture it’s enough to give them a glimpse into what our once upon a time looked like, each and every letter threaded together by my love for them, a love spelled out in memories and shared milestones, dreams and wishes. My letters are my gift to them, a reflection of those priceless aka the most precious things that make up our lives as a family. They will provide them with a chance to read about the very things that made their mother’s heart smile and then dream it up in their heads and reflect and reminisce the way I do when I read words. These letters are a peek into all of the things that came together to create the magic of their childhoods.

If you’ve ever contemplated writing a letter to your child that means it must be on your heart. And really what do you lose by sitting down and allowing the words to fall from your heart and onto a piece of paper or the computer screen. Whether it’s a note you tuck away in a box, a page you pen in a journal or some thoughts you write out in a birthday card each year putting your thoughts and feelings into the form of words is a beautiful gesture that elicits feelings unlike those experienced when turning photos albums or watching videos.  We see pictures and movies and we love them but what we feel often stems forth from words.

Something tells me that the day will come when our children will be grateful that we took the time to write them whether it was one time or twenty. There will be times when they can’t pick up the phone and call or holler down the hallway to get our attention. A time when all they have to hold onto are our words. And it is in those times that they can revisit the words we took the time to write to them once upon a time. It won’t matter how profound or eloquent our words were all that will matter is that we wrote them.


Krishann ( A mom who believes in the magic of words)


p.s. Do you ever write letters to your children?

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