Presenting The Great Daddini and His Amazing Talking Baby!

What do you get when you combine your husband’s tuxedo, a formal outfit for your baby, and a tiny top hat? An amazing first Halloween costume for our baby, that’s what! Here at our house, we like to think outside of the box when it comes to Halloween costumes, so for Judah’s first Halloween, we thought there would be nothing cooler than going as an old-timey ventriloquist act!

Introducing… The Great Daddini and his Amazing Talking Baby!


Larry and I are known for our very creative costumes, often thrown together at the last minute but still pretty neat and fun. Last year, I went as a super scary Joan Crawford from the cult classic, “Mommie Dearest” – all I needed was a black dress robe, a white headband and a mud face mask I wore all night (and of course, a wire hanger for added dramatic effect). Two years ago, Larry went as a “Ceiling Fan” – he made his own pennant and t-shirt that said “Go Ceilings!” (…get it? Ceiling Fan?)

So of course Judah’s first Halloween costume has to be just as fun and funky as his parents’ costumes in years past!

It’s a pretty easy costume to put together if you happen to own your own tuxedo. All we bought was Larry’s top hat, a tiny little top hat on a string for Judah (harder to find this time of year than you’d think), and a matching three-piece formal outfit for Judah that he can theoretically wear again. All we added was a red bow tie for Larry (leftover from a DIY PeeWee Herman costume from a few years ago) and a little rouge, freckles and dummy mouth lines for Judah with some eyeliner.

Tada! Instant ventriloquist father and son costume.

We can’t wait to show him off to all the neighbors and take him out tonight for his first Halloween… and what better place than in his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts – the Halloween Capital of the America! (Believe me when I say – we take Halloween pretty seriously in this town.)

Happy Halloween, little guy – we know you won’t remember your first Halloween but your dad and I (or, should I say, the Great Daddini and I) will never forget it!

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