Preschool Prep: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool

It’s hard to believe the summer is coming to a close and Back-to-School is on the horizon. Where does time go? If you are anything like me, the hustle and bustle of shopping for school and preparing for the big day has already begun!

But for first timers — you’ll want to read over these helpful tips to get your tot ready for the big day at preschool! 

1. Potty Training 101
Most preschools will require your child to be potty trained prior to heading into their first day in the big world. Start as early as you can to prepare your child for their new potty time. Pull-Ups has an amazing potty training kit which even includes wipes, stickers and a reward chart for your toddler! You’ll need it to make potty training fun!


2. Make Lunchtime Cool
Lunchtime in a new place can sometime be hard on toddlers. I find it fun to get them involved when making their lunches the night before. Create fun ways to pack their lunch instead of just a sandwich in a bag. Check out these Bento Lunches for little foodies!

3. Get on a Fall Schedule
Time to get back on schedule! Say goodbye to summer a few weeks before school starts by preparing your child for a earlier bedtime and even earlier rising time. You might have to prep yourself too! No more snooze button, sorry! Preparing your child ahead of time as the schedule changes will help them get ready for school.

4. Stay Social
If possible, you should always try to meet the teacher prior to the first day or attend an open house to let your child get familiar with the new surroundings before school starts. Schedule playdates with other toddlers who will also be in the class so they have friends from the start, which will help them with the new transition.  

5. Focus on Your Child
Along the way, try to just relax and make the entire experience as fun as possible for your little one. Make sure you are excited, and smile a lot to remind them how happy you are for their special day. Put the phone down, and focus all of your attention on how much fun school will be!

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