Preparing for Our First Time Away from Baby

This weekend Jon and I packed our bags, left Soren with Jon’s parents, and took a short trip — just the two of us. It was an incredibly peaceful getaway and just what we needed. I got time to unplug, connect and rest. I can’t even begin to explain how rested we feel now that we are back.

Leading up to the trip, I have to admit that I was a little nervous. I was worried about how I would feel leaving Soren for the first time for two nights. I was worried how he would be while we were gone, if he would sleep well, and if he would be okay taking a bottle instead of nursing.

I knew deep down in my heart that Jon and I needed this, and that I completely trust his parents to do a fantastic job watching him while we were away. So I started planning ahead to prepare myself mentally, to make sure I was in a good place when we left and able to be completely present with Jon during our getaway.

Here are a few things that REALLY helped me to “let it go” and completely enjoy my time away…


1. Buy What You Need & Test it Out – This is kind of a given, but make sure you have everything you need for your little one before leaving on your trip. We needed to get baby food and new bottles, so we did some research, found the bottles we wanted, and most importantly tested them out on Soren a week or so before we left. :) This really helped us to know that we had everything we needed for him and that he was comfortable with everything too.

2. Make a Schedule – This might sound a little type-A, but I found making a detailed schedule for Soren to give to Jon’s parents very helpful. I outlined what his typical day looks like and what they can expect as well as sleeping tips and what food he should eat throughout the day. We also included additional tips like our contact information at the place we were staying and his pediatrician’s information. This really helped me feel like I did everything on my part to prepare and it definitely helped me worry WAY less.

3. Trust is #1 – Honestly, what made leaving Soren for the weekend the easiest was the fact that Jon and I completely trust his parents ability to care for Soren. We knew they would play with him, care for him, and really go above and beyond. They made it incredibly easy for us to say goodbye. Finding someone you trust is a biggie!

4. Only Check in a Few Times – Since I tend to be the social media butterfly of the family, Jon insisted that I unplug during our time away and leave my phone in the room. He had his phone with him and would text his parents 1-2 times each day to check in. It made it easier for us to not be constantly checking in, and allowed us to really enjoy our time away without getting too distracted. They also sent us a few photos here and there, and that really made us smile!

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