Preparing for the First Day of School

Soon my son will be starting school again. He began going to school last year and did really well. He’s going back to the same school, but things will be a little different. Last year, he only attended their half-day program and was in a class with his best friend. This year he will be going full days and sadly was assigned to a different classroom than his friend. 


We actually began preparing Liam for his new school routine weeks ago by sending him to summer camp for a few weeks. The camp was held at his school and they had a much more laid-back schedule with lots of fun activities — but he was able to get into the habit of staying for lunch and nap time. The first day he wasn’t too happy about having to nap at school, but by the second day, he was a champ.


We’ve also had several conversations about school and what he should expect. He asked me about his teacher from last year, and I let him know that he would have a new teacher. His response was, “But why?” (Oh yeah, he’s in that “why” stage.) I know he’s okay with it though and understands that he’s moving on to the next grade level with the “big boys.”

I chose to do the back-to-school shopping on my own because it’s really overwhelming how much they need for school, but I showed him everything when I got home. He loves looking at all the crayons, Play-Doh, and markers. Every day he will tell me, “That’s for when I start school again!” I think seeing the school supplies helps to build the anticipation.

I know he’s excited to have a routine and to be with his friends playing all day long. I think I will be more emotional about it than he will. We’ve had a great summer hanging out with his baby sister. We take day trips to the zoo, have fun at splashing in the pool, go to the playground. I love seeing him and his sister spending their days together. But it’s definitely exhausting, and I know he’s ready to go back to school.

Do you have a little one starting school soon? How have you prepared them — or yourself?

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