The Secrets to Our Potty Training Success!

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and sending me a Jake And The Never Land Pirates Potty for free.

HE DID IT! We officially have a totally potty trained 3-year-old. I am beyond thrilled to be through this stage with our oldest little dude and am so proud of my first-born son. And I’m equally as excited that I no longer have to buy twice the amount of diapers! Woohoo!

I have to be honest: It did NOT happen overnight, or in three days, or even in three weeks. It was a long process for KJ to really get the hang of going potty like a big boy, and it was filled with trial and error. I must say though, it wasn’t anywhere near as frustrating as some parents make it seem. I think being patient with KJ really helped him to feel less pressure, and it helped us as parents to not have anxiety about it. Not having a real deadline for it took a lot of the pressure off of us and him.

We had been working with him for the last six months, slowly instilling the idea of using a potty like a big boy.

The first thing we did was get the Jake And The Never Land Pirates Potty. As soon as it arrived, we made it a BIG DEAL for KJ. We let him open the box, and we explained to him that this was HIS potty and that it was sent just for him. He eyes lit up at the idea of having something so cool.

After opening it, he immediately pushed down the “flush” handle and it played a song. We told him anytime he used the potty that he got to push the handle and celebrate his achievement. He also didn’t mind sitting on the potty because it has a cushioned, removable top for comfort. And my favorite feature is the “splash guard” as I call it, that shields him so he doesn’t get urine everywhere.

We also started putting him in Huggies Pull-Ups throughout the day. This got him familiar with the feeling of pulling the Pull-Up down and then back up. It also has a different material on the inside so he can tell it is filled with something after he goes #1 or #2. This feeling of being a little bit uncomfortable showed him that it’s best to go in the potty so he won’t have to sit in it.

We then bought him underwear with his favorite characters from Monsters Inc., Peter Pan, Toy Story and more, and he loves them. He even color coordinates his underwear with his clothes. It’s hilarious and very much like his father.

We did let him go without a diaper, Pull-Up, or underwear throughout the day while we were home and had no visitors. This really helped, and it forced him to go to his special potty anytime he had the urge to go. We only had one tinkle accident and no number 2 accidents!


You’d be surprised how quickly they catch on to using their potty. You just need to constantly remind your child that they need to use the potty whenever they feel it. If they are under 2 years old, I would recommend taking them to the potty every thirty minutes or so to remind them, then sit them on it and see if they go. Also, as soon as they are done eating or drinking, they should go over to their potty.

We always keep Huggies wipes on hand so that we can wipe him after he uses the potty. And I dump the removable bowl out in the toilet, then clean and sanitize it in the bathtub.

Also, we left the potty right outside the bathroom door so that he would learn to head that direction when it was time to go. (We could still see him from the living room and kitchen.)

When your child gets a good hang of going to the potty anytime, they need to use it — so that means it’s time to get yourself a potty seat and stool, like this Jake And The Never Land Pirates potty seat and this Mickey Mouse stool. This will teach them to use the regular toilet but will ensure that their little tooshies won’t fall in. The stool will help them to get onto their potty seat. The seats come with side handles so your child can hold on when sitting.

I have friends who take their potty seat with them everywhere, even in a small bag into restaurants so that they can use it in the public restroom.

We went ahead and bought this awesome CARS potty for KJ to use at his Mimi’s house and he loves it. This way, he has a potty wherever he goes. And it doesn’t hurt that he is constantly encouraged by his favorite Disney characters through using these potty items.

We do still put Pull-Ups on KJ when he sleeps at night because I haven’t yet purchased one of those plastic mattress covers yet, and I don’t want any big messes on the bed until I get one. The great news is, though, that he doesn’t go in his Pull-Up at all. He wakes up dry every morning and goes straight to his potty and uses the restroom. I think we’ll make the jump to underwear while he sleeps at night starting next week.

The other night, I left for a girls’ night dinner and KJ and Bentley stayed with my niece who was babysitting them. I asked KJ if he wanted me to put a diaper on him in case he had an accident and he said “No Momma, KJ is a big boy! I wear underwear!” and he didn’t have any accidents while I was gone.

I just want to encourage you parents out there who are going through this phase, about to start potty training your toddler, or are just nervous about the times that are coming: Each child learns at a different pace. Some backtrack a little and that’s okay. Others are potty trained by age 2. Just remember to have patience, continue to speak positive words to your child, and praise them when they use their potty. And it really does help to have products that have familiar character faces on them and are interactive.

Best of luck with your potty training adventures! I’ll be right there with you, yet again, in about a year when Bentley starts his potty training journey.

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Potty Training Success

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