5 Things We Use to Transition Our Little One Away from Diapers

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In partnership with Pull-Ups®. My youngest son is now almost ready to transition away from diapers. He a little over three, and while his friends have been trained for some time, he has very little interest. While it hasn’t been easy, there are several things that we’re trying in our house to help him through the process. Here are some of them!

His Own “Toilet”

One thing that my son refused to do was to use the toilets in our house. They were a bit overwhelming for him and, to be honest, I don’t blame him. They are much bigger than him and can be quite daunting. So I brought him to the store with me where he could pick out his very own. My son has come to really take pride in having his own “toilet,” and it gives him a sense of pride when he uses it. It’s not a mechanical toilet — but because it looks just like a real one, it makes him feel like a big boy. Having one his size and with fun characters on it that he can relate to helps keep him motivated.

Training Pants

We really wanted to get rid of the diapers in our house so that he could feel like a big kid. Once we ran out of our last diaper pack, we bought him training pants that look and feel like underwear, yet have the protection of a diaper. They made him feel like such a big boy, but gave him the protection he needed just in case he had an accident. The training pants helped him build the confidence he needed to go on his own.

A Kiddie Toilet Seat


Since it’s impossible to bring his mini “toilet” with us everywhere we go, we needed a solution to help him go to the bathroom while we were out and about. Soft toilet seats for kids are smaller sized, fit perfectly over nearly every standard toilet seat, and are easy to pack in our bag wherever we go anywhere. Not only are they great for travel, but as your little one starts to move away from his or her “baby toilet,” these provide a great transition into using the big toilet in the house. My daughters had a soft seat like this and it really came in handy for that reason.


Just because we are getting rid of the diapers doesn’t mean we have to get rid of the wipes! It seems that as long as you’re a parent, you’ll always need them. I keep them by his little toilet at home so it’s easy to wipe and go — as well as in my bag when we’re out and about and he has to go to the bathroom.

Pull-Ups® Character Calls

While it’s nice to think that I can be the sole person to keep my little one motivated, the reality is that that won’t happen. So that’s why I love that his favorite Disney character can help get him excited about the transition with Pull-Ups® Character Calls. There’s nothing better than a call from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or Doc McStuffins. Simply go to the Pull-Ups® website, click on the character you’d like to call, and watch your screen come alive as they see their favorite Disney character on screen. Now that’s the perfect way to get your little one started!

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