Why I’m Not Stressing Over Potty Training

Potty training. Two words that can leave even veteran parents quaking in their boots.

From what I know and have experienced, potty training isn’t exactly the most fun you’ll ever have in your life. It’s messy and maybe stressful at times. It’s cool when your kid ends up getting it, but in the interim… not so much.


It seems like everyone I know is potty training their kids right now. Amongst friends and acquaintances, it is a frequent topic of conversation. “Oh? Your daughter is almost two? Is she potty trained yet?” Actually, no. She is not. And also, I am not stressing over it. Here’s why.
Potty Training and Why I'm Not Stressing Over It

1. Changing diapers is no big thing.

I’ve heard many parents talk about how much better life is sans diapers. “Oh my goodness! Potty training made my life so much easier! I hated changing diapers!” But I just don’t share this sentiment. Changing diapers is no big thing in my opinion, and it’s not like I have to change all that many these days anyway.

2. Public restrooms aren’t my favorite.

I avoid public restrooms at all costs. Even when I have to change a diaper while we’re out, I much prefer to change it in the car. I know the changing tables supposedly have the anti-microbial plastic or whatever, but it’s still not my thing. Once we’re potty training in full force, we’ll have to use public restrooms when we’re out and about, and I’d like to avoid that for as long as possible. Maybe I’m just odd, but I’m OK with that.

3. She doesn’t seem ready yet.

My daughter has shown signs of being interested in potty training, but when it comes down to it, I just don’t think she’s ready. We have a potty chair and she sits on it when I go. She has recently started telling me when she has to poop and when she needs her diaper changed. But, she doesn’t seem to get the whole peeing situation yet. We’ve done some naked time and she just ends up going on the floor and she still wakes up in the morning with a super wet diaper. I plan to just wait and see. She’ll let me know when she is ready, and when the time comes, we’ll work on it together.

4. She’s good at other things.

I think potty training is sometimes viewed as the holy grail for parents as far as developmental skills are concerned. It’s a huge accomplishment, because of all the work involved, which definitely involves some bragging rights if you’re able to pull it off early. I get why parents worry about it and why they want to just get it done, but I’m fine with it. I was potty trained super early myself, but every kid is different. My daughter may not be potty trained, but she has a pretty huge vocabulary compared to other kids her age, and she’s great at singing. Some kids are great at gross motor activities. Some kids are great at coloring. Some kids are great at self-awareness. All kids are different, and I’m OK with that.

5. She’ll figure it out eventually.

I’m pretty sure all of us adults are potty trained, so I have no doubts that my girl will get there too. It may not be until she’s 3 (although I really hope it will be sooner than that), but she’ll figure it out in her own time, and when she is truly ready, it won’t be as much of an ordeal.

What are your thoughts on potty training? Are you in the early potty trainers camp or the wait-it-out camp like me?

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