Planning for Comfort: 5 Things We’ll Use to Help Elvie Recover from Surgery

In just one week, we will check Elvie into the hospital for her next big surgery. We are nervous, for sure. We have confidence in the abilities of her surgeons and the staff at the hospital who will care for her once the surgery is done, but we know from her last surgery that it’s really hard on her. While there are some things that will be better because we know more about her post surgical needs now that we’ve been through this once before, it will still be uncomfortable for her, and we want to give her the most comfort possible during this difficult time.

Since her last surgery, I have been considering what would be good for her for this one, and I’ve made some decisions about her habits that will help her recover better. While toddlerhood is a time that many parents are weaning their children away from certain comforts, we have intentionally kept those items and habits that would help her recover from this surgery, though some of them are no longer considered age-appropriate. Here are five things we’ll be using to help Elvie while she is in the hospital.

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