Best Ways to Shop for Baby at After-Holiday Sales

Christmas Day is in full swing at our house, and I am taking a little breather between brunch and presents and diving into dinner preparation. You’d think I might take a nap, with all the effort that goes into a big holiday, but instead, I’m thinking ahead to tomorrow.

I’m not much of a day-after-Christmas shopper, as normally I prefer to avoid the crowds, but I’ve got a dentist’s appointment downtown, so I’ll probably pop in a few places. Elvie’s second birthday is coming up in February, and it occurred to me that I might get some great deals on things she will love.

However, I know the siren call of the sale price, and I want to make sure that what I’m getting are truly good deals, and not just purchases based on my excitement over how much I’m saving. Here are the five things I am going to consider when I shop tomorrow.

  • Age & Size Appropriate

    Age & Size Appropriate

    With Elvie’s birthday nearly two months away, I need to consider not what would work right now, but what will work for months to come, beyond her birthday. Clothes should be bought in the next size up, and toys need to be in the lower end of the suggested age range on the packaging.

  • Suits Consistent Interests

    Suits Consistent Interests

    Just because she likes unicorns today doesn’t mean she’ll like them tomorrow. She is a toddler, after all. I want to think about what she has consistently liked the past six months, what continues to excite her, like instruments and farm animals.

  • Can Be Used with What We Have

    Can Be Used with What We Have

    Sometimes what is leftover after Christmas is a little bit random, so if she can’t play with something or wear it with something that we already have, then it might not be a hit.

  • Will Fit Easily in Our Space

    Will Fit Easily in Our Space

    If there’s a good deal on something I know Elvie will like, but we won’t have any place to put it, it’s not a good idea to get it. It will only end in frustration as I either try to talk the kids out of giving up other things they like so that we can fit it in their room, or simply trip over it regularly because it is on the floor, with no place to go.

  • Similar to Big Sis's Stuff

    Similar to Big Sis's Stuff

    If there’s one thing that will make Elvie excited about a toy or outfit, it’s if her big sister has something similar. It also works well for redirecting her when she gets into Zinashi’s stuff – I can simply say, “This one is Zinashi’s, but Elvie’s is right here!” This one may seem silly, but I will be keeping an eye out for things that fall into this category in particular.

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