Free Outdoor Fun with Baby: Plane Watching!

Our son has recently discovered the magic of airplanes in the sky. It’s all he wants to do… to go outside and look for them. He points and smiles, and he’s actually gotten so good at it that if he even hears the sounds of a plane, he instantly looks up for it, shouting, “PLANE!”

So the other day, we thought we would drive to the airport and see if we could get a good view of the planes landing. To our extreme delight, we found a great little park right across a creek from the runway with little airplane toys to play on and a pavilion speaker that broadcasted the pilots talking to the tower. It was pretty much the coolest discovery we’ve ever made…

  • Family Fun Time

    Family Fun Time

    The park was down a long sidewalk, it was a little walk but it got us closer to the runway so we had a good view of the planes taking off and landing!

  • Mini Pilot!

    Mini Pilot!

    He LOVED these airplane toys at the playground. He spent pretty much all his time hopping from one to another and then back again.

  • Slides Are Fun

    Slides Are Fun

    In the last few months, he’s gained a ton of confidence with slides and now he LOVES them.

  • The Best Playground Ever!

    The Best Playground Ever!

    We found this little playground off the beaten path. It was right across the way from the runway and had great age and size appropriate toys. It was clean and they even had a speaker where you could listen to the pilots talking to the tower!

  • Da Da is My Co-Piot

    Da Da is My Co-Piot

    He wanted us to ride them too. So we obliged.

  • Such a Great Surprise!

    Such a Great Surprise!

    In the parking lot, we noticed all the spots had fun little kid-friendly titles. “Plane Watcher” was our favorite.

  • To New Heights

    To New Heights

    Nothing is too high for our little daredevil to climb now-a-days.

  • Listen to the Pilots

    Listen to the Pilots

    A speaker under this pavilion let you hear the communication between the pilots and the tower. Such a cool surprise!

  • Keep Looking Up

    Keep Looking Up

    They watched for incoming planes while waiting for the ones taxing on the runway to take off.

  • Hi Plane!

    Hi Plane!

    He loves to point and then to wave at the planes and the people inside.

  • Fly Boys

    Fly Boys

    My husband is loving every second of this because he loves planes too.

  • Pilot in Training

    Pilot in Training

    Eyes on the skies and climbing high, our little man’s two favorite things to do.

  • Little Details

    Little Details

    All the little details were so well thought out at this park. Like this fun direction sign that pointed to neighboring cities.

  • The Grand Finale

    The Grand Finale

    And just when we thought it couldn’t get any more exciting. This big plane landed right at the end of our time.

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