PJ Time: 5 New Disney Pajama Arrivals

Every two months, my son gets super excited because it’s pajama day at preschool. For some reason I get excited too, and I can’t wait until Jada begins to join in on the excitement. Why is pajama day such a big deal? Because pajamas are awesome, of course. I love seeing my kids in their cute pajamas right before bedtime. It just make my heart happy. And something about getting ready for bed is magical. It’s a time to feel grateful for the day you just had, and a time to feel anticipation about the wonders that lie ahead. I love it!

Disney Store has a few new arrivals in baby pajamas, and I am certain that you and your little one will just love them. From Mickey Mouse to the Little Mermaid, these pajamas are sure to make your baby smile from ear to ear before they hit the sack. I’m pretty sure they will have you smiling from ear to ear, too. 

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