Picking a Strong Latino Name for Our Son

I was never one to obsess over weddings or that I had to be married by a certain age. But one thing I knew for sure even before I got married, was that if I had a boy I would name him Sebastian. I’m obsessed with that name. Fast forward 7 years after the wedding, the hubby and I were so excited to find out we were expecting a baby boy. I immediately thought SEBASTIAN! We’ll name him Sebastian.


The hubby, of course, didn’t share the same excitement for the name. For some reason he said it reminded him of The Little Mermaid. I, on the other, pictured someone very debonair. A perfect gentleman who would travel the world (or so I’d like to think). It just had a nice ring to it. My husband comes from a generation of men with strong Spanish names. His name is Fernando Andres, his dad is Fernando, and his grandfather is named Fernando. So naturally, he wanted our son to have a strong Spanish name. It really meant a lot to him to have our son carry on his name. Instead of Fernando though, he suggested we name our son his middle name — Andres.

Andres, which comes from Spanish origins, means strong, manly, and brave. After several talks, we finally agreed on Andres Sebastian. Even though I loved the name Sebastian as his first name, I could see how my husband’s eyes would light up when he thought of the name Andres. I also liked the fact that it embraced our Latin culture.

After our son was born, I really couldn’t think of a name that would suit him better, than Andres. You can already tell he has a strong little personality.

Was it hard for you to agree on a name? Did you have one picked out even before you had kids?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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