Paullywog, The Paulster, and Other Nicknames We Call Our Son

When I was pregnant with baby Paul, his name in utero was Quatro. He was our fourth child, and just like his siblings, we didn’t nail down a proper name for him until the very end of the pregnancy. Calling the baby “the baby” while he was in my tummy felt informal, so Quatro he was called.

We decided on his proper and real name, Paul Richard, around week 39 of my pregnancy. He’s named after my father-in-law (Richard) and grandfather (Paul), and it fits him perfectly.

But since birth, Paul’s racked up quite a laundry list of silly, ridiculous, mostly endearing nicknames. We call him, well, we call him a ton of different names.

A few of my favorite nicknames for baby Paul:


TallPaul: We call him this when he stands up straight and tall. It’s funny because he’s not even the slightest bit tall for his age (actually he’s quite petite), but to us he looks so long, lanky, and tall because he doesn’t have an ounce of fat on his little baby body.

P-Richey: This is his hip-hop DJ name. Someday he’ll be up in the club spinning some vinyl, and I’m guessing his DJ name with be P-Richy. Also, I don’t listen to rap or hip-hop music, do people still say “up in the club”?

Paullywog: This nickname was given too him soon after birth, and I’m not sure why. Hey Paullywog, need your pants changed?

The Paulster: We call Paul “The Paulster”, when he’s up to no good. Like refusing to take a nap, or getting into trouble.

How about you? Do you have nicknames for your kids? I would love to hear them…

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