Paul in an Instant: Spring Edition

Cell phone snapshots. Probably the most accurate way I can look back and reflect on my day. Even when I can’t remember what we did last Tuesday, all I have to do is simply scroll through the good ole’ phone photos and I’m instantly reminded. Oh yes, we went to the library, ran errands, and then headed out to dinner.

Since baby Paul and I are buddies while the big kids are in school, he’s become my little muse of sorts. And everyday I’m capturing sweet, simple, magical moments in his little toddler life. I watch him explore, I see him create, and put my clicker finger directly on the everyday moments of life that all too often pass us by in a blink of an eye.

A few everyday magical moments with Paul, caught on camera:

  • A stolen moment before the morning bus rush.

    A stolen moment before the morning bus rush.

    Paul and his oldest sister Piper have an extremely special bond. Every morning before the bus arrives, they get their last snuggles in to sustain them through the day.

  • Trying to hang with the big boys.

    Trying to hang with the big boys.

    When we go to the park, aside from a newborn or two, Paul is always the youngest of the pack. He gets frustrated trying to keep up with the big boys, but it’s oh so adorable to watch him try.

  • Library time.

    Library time.

    DELETE! That’s the sound of baby Paul efficiently cleaning out his inbox, from a kids computer at our local library.

  • Errands are exhuasting.

    Errands are exhuasting.

    Need Paul to take a nap? Just a few loops around the block and to the grocery store will have him sleeping in no time.

  • My mom is mean!

    My mom is mean!

    This is what baby Paul looks like when I won’t let him eat a red crayon. Such a mean mommy, I know.

  • Watching Dad.

    Watching Dad.

    Back and forth, back and forth. One of Paul’s favorite activities is watching his dad mow the lawn on Saturday mornings.

  • Future goalie.

    Future goalie.

    Hey Paul, there’s no hands in soccer!

  • Real chair, real fork, at the

    Real chair, real fork, at the "big people" table.

    Just a few days ago Paul decided he’s way too old for that baby of a highchair and finger food. He’s growing up, and he’s finding his place at the family table.

  • 6:30 PM. I think we can make it!

    6:30 PM. I think we can make it!

    Pajamas (sort of) on, last snacks being eaten. Yes, we’re most ready to hit the hay, in just under one hour! Another day is almost in the books for baby Paul…

All these photos were also uploaded to the super fun smartphone app, Instagram. I’m kinda addicted, and you can follow me at DesignHER Momma if you want. (That would be so fun!)

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