Passing It Down: From My Mother to My Child

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to focus for a minute on just how fantastic our own mothers are. Of course we are all working hard to be good mothers to our own children which deserves to be celebrated of course, but I think it is also worth taking a moment to celebrate the mothers who got us to where we are now as mothers ourselves. I asked 13 beautiful and talented mamas the following question: “What do you hope to pass down to your child(ren) from your own mother?” and it was so lovely reading their answers. Everyone answered this question a little bit differently, which is quite the testament to the uniqueness of mothers and how wonderful they all are in their own ways.

  • Passing It Down: From My Mother To My Child

    Passing It Down: From My Mother To My Child

    13 moms share what they hope to pass down to their children from their own mothers…

  • Independence


    Erin Loechner: “I’d love to pass on to Bee the same character trait my mother gave to me – independence. I never understood what an incredibly difficult gift this was to give until I became a mother. The idea that you’re trusting your child enough to allow them room and space to grow is an amazing testament to parental faith. It will be a challenge, but I’m determined to pass this gift on to Bee and watch her transform into her own person.”
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  • Dream Chasing

    Dream Chasing

    Shayna Dodge: “My mother has always been a beautiful example of how to chase your dreams without sacrificing your character. I am so inspired by all that she is and all that she stands for. She has faith that moves mountains! I pray my boys one day feel the same about me.”

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  • A Heart For Others

    A Heart For Others

    Margaret Jacobsen: “My mom is very intentional in her relationships with others and has always been willing to go above and beyond for us and for others and I really hope that my kids get that from her.”

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  • An Eye For Beauty

    An Eye For Beauty

    Casey Wiegand: “I hope to pass down to my babies from my mother, seeing beauty in the everyday. My mom and I both celebrate a warm home, a beautiful sunset or a simple picnic at the park. Seeing the beauty in all things is a wonderful trait that I hope they embody even as they grow up!”

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  • Passionate Interests

    Passionate Interests

    Kacie McMackin: “I hope my girls inherit my mom’s passion for the outdoors, incredible leadership abilities and artistic skills.”

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  • Courage


    Krishann Briscoe: “Courage is a trait I inherited from my own mother emerging through the birth of my first-born. My mother has had the courage to keep going no matter what life has thrown her direction and she was by my side when I finally figured out I could do the same. No matter what trials they are faced with, I pray that my children will always have the courage to persevere.”

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  • A Heart For Adventure

    A Heart For Adventure

    Dannie Remender: “I hope my kids are world travelers who love to meet new people and be adventurous like my mum.”

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  • Holistic Views

    Holistic Views

    Echo Zielienski: “To my girls, I would love to pass along my own mother’s holistic views on life and food and her respect and love of nature and the environment.”

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  • Thriftiness


    Kelsey Williams: “I hope Rooney gets my mother’s thriftiness. My mom is very frugal with hos she spends her money. I’m a spender, so it’s not likely something she’ll learn from me!”

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  • Generosity


    Nicole Boyd Lehman: “I hope Rivers gets my mother’s generous heart. She never hesitates to help someone in need and I hope I can help be an example of this.”

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  • A Focus On Joy And Beauty

    A Focus On Joy And Beauty

    Amy Heinz: “I hope my daughter learns to see the beauty in life the way my mom does. Even on challenging days — like the anniversary of my dad’s passing, when this photo was taken — my mom surrounds herself with things (gardens, art, family, etc.) that bring her joy.”

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  • A Green Thumb

    A Green Thumb

    Amnah Ibrahim: “My mother is amazing with plants and in the garden. I, however, can scarcely keep a houseplant with specific instructions alive. Mama doesn’t have a green thumb, her whole hand is green! She can grow anything and everything. Her love and skill with plants was inherited from my grandmother. It missed a generation with me! I hope that my daughters will take over my mom’s green passion.”

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  • A Giving Spirit

    A Giving Spirit

    Lauren Hartmann: Obviously, I wanted to share something I want to pass down from my own mother too! “My mother is the most giving person I know. She will drop whatever she’s doing at a moment’s notice to help someone else out. She is always thinking of others before herself and it is this sweet and giving spirit that makes her truly beautiful. This is something I can only hope and pray that my own daughter inherits.”

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