Why We Loved Visiting the Zoo in the Fall!

Ok, so this may not be the most life-changing parenting advice you’ll ever hear, but I guarantee you’ll appreciate it: VISIT THE ZOO IN THE FALL!


Yesterday, our family took a little trip to the zoo. We were crossing our fingers for nice weather and lots of animal sightings, and boy, did the zoo deliver! It was a perfect day for a zoo trip! The weather was beautiful. (In the 60s!) The zoo was NOT busy at all. There were no lines. And the animals were gladly in display. In other words, a fall visit to the zoo is the way to do it! 

Normally, the zoo is a summer activity for us. We usually prepare for sweaty, hot temps and lots of standing in lines. We were totally surprised how different our trip yesterday was compared to the usual. Our girls were much happier campers too. We ended up staying for twice the amount of time that we usually do! So if you are looking for a great family outing this fall, consider a trip to the zoo! You might be surprised at what you’ll find!

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