Packing Up Soren’s Newborn Clothes

A few days ago I walked into his room, pulled out a box, and started packing away all of his newborn sized clothes. The sweet little bodysuits he barely filled out when we first brought him home…it was bittersweet packing them away and organizing his drawers with bigger clothes that soon enough he would grow out of too. Each time I have the task of packing away his “too-small” clothes in the future, will be a special moment of reflecting on how much he’s grown and the memories we’ve made.

It’s hard to believe that this time next week, my little man will be three months old. The weeks leading up to his birth seemed to take forever, and suddenly, after he came into this world…time seemed to speed up. As I’ve discussed with friends and family, the newborn stage was precious and new, and he was so little, but I’m thankful for this new baby stage. Not to mention getting a little bit more sleep! I don’t quite mind that the newborn stage is coming to an end–it’s sad that he’ll never be that little again–but I can hardly wait to watch him grow and learn. Seeing him change week by week brings so much joy to my heart and so much fulfillment in being a new mom. He’s taught me so much about myself and has helped me see that I have it in me to be a great mother, with a fierce love. Here’s to packing up more boxes of clothes and everything we’ll learn along the way.

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