Cleaning Out Baby Stuff and Donating to Goodwill

I’m happy to say I’m not hoarder, but the reality is things do gather up pretty quickly — ESPECIALLY when you have kids.

My husband and I are constantly purging and getting rid of things we don’t need. Everyone says “just sell it on Craig’s List” but frankly, that’s too much work for me. I have enough going on right now. Besides, when it comes to things such as baby clothes, toys and gear, I prefer to donate to a local church or to a charity and help out those in need.

However, it’s been almost a year since I’ve had a good cleaning out — that’s because Little L was born eight months ago, and it’s been hectic. However, last week I started sorting through her baby clothes (I ooohed and aaahed at everything!) and put aside things that she has already grown out of or never even wore.

Same with my son M — he started pre-school and I had him try on his clothing to see exactly what we needed and what could be donated. Poor guy, none of his jeans fit! I’ve started donation piles in their rooms (and mine) for way too long and now it was time to finish the job and get it out of the house.


What got me motivated to do it finally? Last week a friend told me about a program that Goodwill, the leading nonprofit provider of job training programs and career services in the United States had started.  Basically anything you donate to Goodwill can help provide job training programs, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who have disabilities, lack education or job experience, or those who face other challenges when it comes to finding employment.

Together with the Ad Council, they want everyone to know about Goodwill’s role as a job creator and the role they play in promoting independence and dignity for people of all backgrounds. Simply put, “Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.”

And that’s what I like! Trust me, this family has plenty of baby clothes and gear to donate — including my old maternity tops and jeans, TOYS (oh dear Lord do we have toys) and items we used a few times such as the bottle sterilizer or the wipe warmer. I’m thrilled for our things to go towards a good cause. However, I did have a sentimental moment when going through her clothes — she’s growing up so fast! I still remember when her newborn PJ’s were too big on her and now they were popping at the seams. Awwwww. I teared up a bit!

On the plus side, I’m bringing out her super-cute fall and winter clothes and can’t wait to see her in her super stylin’ boots, polka dot tights, and blue corduroy dress.

As you start clearing out your babe’s “baby” clothes, consider donating to Goodwill — and make sure you have tissues nearby. You just might have a “moment” like I did! They grow so fast — tear.

  • My Goodwill To Do List

    Get sorting, bag it up and donate to Goodwill.

    I walked through each room pointing to stuff and saying DONATE in a loud voice — and it felt so good!

    Here are a few things we are happily parting with and claiming back some space in our home.


    Find your nearest Goodwill location

  • Swing, swing, away!

    Swing, swing, away!

    This was also bought second-hand and now we are parting with it.

    Little L used it probably a dozen times and then made it very clear she didn’t like the swing.


  • Goodbye bassinet

    Goodbye bassinet

    Okay, this one really made me cry!

    We got this second hand and I’m sure it will bring another family plenty of joy.

    We simply don’t have the space to store it so that means…DONATE!

  • Which stroller to donate?

    Which stroller to donate?

    We have FIVE, count them FIVE strollers.

    Seriously, who needs that many?!

    We don’t — but now we have to decide which one to donate? My husband prefers one over the other and it’s not the one I like! We are still debating this one.

    Either way, one will be DONATED.

  • Donating those unwanted gifts

    Donating those unwanted gifts

    Sometimes you get those gifts that make you go “hmmm?” and this was one of them.

    We have so many pillows that we can do without this one.


  • My maternity clothes too!

    My maternity clothes too!

    After two pregnancies, it’s time to let go of these nearly new Gap maternity jeans,white top and cardigan and get new threads *IF* there is a third!

    In the meantime — DONATE!

  • Goodbye baby clothes!

    Goodbye baby clothes!

    The first 8 months have flown by!

    Going through Little L’s stuff and I got super sentimental but these cute dresses and almost new baby clothes will go to someone else who can use them — including a Christening dress and cap.

  • So done with these toys!

    Seriously, we have way too much stuff! However, I have to bag toys up when my son is sleeping or at preschool otherwise he starts to cry and claims “that’s my favorite toy EVER” even though he hasn’t touched it in years.


    See video for more information

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