Our Toddler’s First Camping Trip Checklist

After nearly a two-year hiatus in summer camping trips, Team Zoll is ready to head back out into the wilderness! The most exciting part about our upcoming camping trip? Taking Judah with us for his first camping trip! While we’re not exactly backpacking into the deep forest, there are plenty of things we want to make sure we take to make sure that Judah is both comfortable, safe and entertained as we get closer with nature.

Besides the camping essentials like our tent, rain fly, flashlights and a cooler full of food and beverages, here’s our checklist for the camping essentials we need just for our toddler.

Our Toddler’s First Camping Trip Checklist

  • Waterproof Children’s Sunscreen: For safe fun in the sun!
  • Mosquito Bug Net: Just in case bugs try to get into our tent.
  • Pantry-Safe Milk Boxes: Since Judah’s drinking whole milk now, it’ll be easier to give him milk that’s safe to store in the pantry and easier to chill in little boxes as opposed to lugging around a half-gallon of milk.
  • Lots of Baby Wipes: Even though our campsite will have showers and bathrooms, it’s not a bad idea to keep around a big tub of wipes because let’s face it: there’s no way to keep our curious toddler 100% spotless on his first camping trip! Plus, a quick wipe down is probably going to be a lot easier than trying to schlepp from our campsite to the bathroom/shower house over and over again.
  • First Aid Kit: We always camp with a first aid kit anyway, but we need to make sure we add in child-appropriate items, such as children’s acetaminophen or Judah’s children’s allergy medicine. We also want to make sure we’ve got kid-sized adhesive bandages for the inevitable bumps and scrapes of exploring the wilderness.
  • Long Sleeved and Long Pant Pajamas: Since Judah won’t be languishing in a climate controlled nursery while he sleeps, we need to make sure that he doesn’t go to bed in just a bodysuit or short sleeved pajama set, because the weather forecast is calling for nighttime temperatures in the 50s.
  • Box of Resealable Gallon Freezer Bags: The large size and extra durable thickness of freezer bags are perfect for keeping dry extra sets of clothes, diapers and even favorite plush or electronic toys that have to come with us.
  • Hiking Baby Carrier: We recently scored an amazing hiking backpack style baby carrier at a local yard sale for a song. While it’s a little too bulky for me to wear, my husband can’t wait to take Judah up and down hiking trails near our campsite with this awesome carrier!
  • Lots of Extra Dry Changes of Clothes: From mud and dirt to messy s’mores, I have a feeling Judah will be going through a lot of outfits, so we definitely need to pack more outfits than we think for him.
  • Small Bottle of Calamine Lotion: Mosquito bites are a fact of life when camping. To help ease the itching, our pediatrician recommended applying calamine lotion to mosquito bites.

For those of you that have gone camping with children under two, what are your camping essentials? Share your “camping with baby” tips in the comments!

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