Checking in on Our Summer To-Do List


Earlier this summer we decided to put together a list of all the fun things we wanted to do and shared it here on Disney Baby: Our Sophomore Summer To-Do List. Since summer is about half over I figured it might be fun to check in and see how we’re doing on our list of summer goals. See how many we’ve accomplished and get inspired to have some summer fun yourself!
little boy running through grass
1. Go to a Pool Party: DONE! One of our playmates had a pool party birthday party. We swam and ate cake in the sunshine. We also learned how to drink from juice boxes. I’d say the day was a total success!

2. Try Popsicles: DONE! Although the experience wasn’t 100% awesome, we gave Bubs a popsicle to try. He loved it for about a minute. Once it started to melt, he wasn’t so sure anymore. HAHA!

3. Go Swimming at the Springs: Not yet. We still haven’t braved the cold water of the springs yet. We’ll work up the courage one of these days!

4. Take a Gymnastics Class: Not yet. Although we did research to find the best one in our area. Can’t wait to try it out!

5. Visit the Children’s Museum: DONE! We drove to the amazing children’s museum in a nearby city and spent the morning playing on all the awesome interactive exhibits!

6. Visit the Aquarium: Almost! We’ll be taking Bubs to the amazing aquarium in Atlanta in just a few weeks. Whale sharks, here we come!

7. Play with Bubbles: DONE! He wasn’t as impressed as we are. Maybe next time.

8. Go on a Roadtrip: DONE! And it was a doozy.

9. Go to a Splashpad: DONE! He loved the smallest fountains. I think the tallest ones were a bit intimidating. But it was so cute to see him running around with all the other little kids, getting soaked and having fun.

10. Sign Up for Swim Lessons: Not yet. This is something I still need to research more. I want to pick the best ones. Since we live in Florida, we feel strongly about teaching him water safety as soon as we can. Wish me luck!

What about you? Have you done any of these fun things this summer? Do you have a summer to-do list?

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