Our Perfect Day

There are very few days when we can just throw caution to the wind and spend the day exploring as a family. We always have something going on that keeps us from really being able to venture out on the few free days that we have. When we do get those rare days of complete freedom to do whatever we feel like doing, it is magical.


I imagine our days look a lot like any other family’s day. My husband works hard to provide while I stay home with our baby. I work from home, so Baylor and I spend most days trying to stay busy, waiting for Daddy to come home. Our weekends are full with family get-togethers, birthday parties, and other fun stuff. When our weekends aren’t entirely full, we try to let Dad rest up for his coming work week. Seldom do we have full days of nothing but fun family time.

We have always agreed that we wanted to keep Baylor’s life fun and adventurous. When there are days when we are up for doing something as a family, we spend a lot of time planning elaborate family dates that Bay can enjoy. While those are fun, we seem to have a problem with being spontaneous and venturing and doing something relaxed and laid back.

A few weekends ago, we had nowhere to be and nothing to do. We decided to drive into town and just see where the wind took us. We ended up at the movie theater for Bay’s first ever theater experience. It was short-lived, but fun all the same. He was amazed at the huge screen and the fun snacks that we got. When we were done at the theater we took off to the park. It sounds simple, but we had never been to this particular park as a family. We ended up being the only family at the park on what seemed like a perfect summer day. We played on the jungle gym, slid down the slides, and giggled until our bellies hurt. We went to the dock that was in the same area as the park, sat and watched the fish, watched Bay as he looked through the cracks of the pier at the water in amazement.

It was all around a perfect day.

We were relaxed. Not worried about our strict schedule of being somewhere at a certain time. It was a good day. I really felt like Baylor had the best day of his life after it was all over.

I have a bad habit of trying to turn the memories I try to create for him into this grand gesture. Like I am not a good enough mom if I don’t plan these huge, elaborate, full-out, fun days for him. In reality, the simplest of days mean just as much if not more to him than the big huge days. All that matters to him is that we are all spending time together having fun. Sometimes we make things that should be so easy into something so complicated.

Our spontaneous, unplanned day turned out the be the perfect day.

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