The 8-Step Nighttime Routine We Created for Our Newborn

Lately, one of my favorite parts about the day is when Soren and I go upstairs for the night and start his nighttime routine before bed.

Since Soren is a newborn and doesn’t have too much knowledge about the time of day, I wanted to start creating a routine with him that he could get used to and associate with bedtime. This has also become such a special bonding time for us too. :)

Check out our routine below:


FIRST THINGS FIRST – We always start off with a diaper change to make sure his tush is nice and clean. ;) I love using warm wipes and doing my best to keep him cozy even while I’m changing him.

GET CLEAN! – If we don’t give him a bath then I’ll do a mini sponge bath. For bath-time, Jon and I usually go in as a team. I prep baby for bath, Jon draws the water, I keep him warm by pouring water on his slippery little body and Jon washes him. If we aren’t doing bath-time, I’ll spread a cozy blanket on our bed, turn on some soft music or sing my favorite Disney song to him and give him a sponge bath with a nice warm washcloth.

MY LITTLE COOKIE – Soren has had a lot of dryness since being born and dealt with extreme dry patches especially on his cheeks and ears. I started using organic coconut oil and giving him a little baby massage every night to help moisturize him, soothe the patches and relax him. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in his skin and I just love that it makes him smell like a coconut macaroon afterwards.

PAJAMAS – After a coconut oil rub-down, I’ll dress Soren in some cozy PJ’s and comb his wild hair. Throughout this entire time Soren is either staring at me intently or doing his best to give me a couple of coo’s.

CUDDLES & NURSING – After getting dressed, Soren is hungry for his third dinner. ;) We cuddle up with warm blankets and nurse. He usually gives me that milk-drunk, half asleep look when he’s done.

THE WALLACE PAT – After some burping, I encourage Soren to fall asleep by rocking him and giving him what we call the “Wallace pat”, this consists of 8 rubs on the bottom, follow by 8 pats. Repeat until baby is out like a light. :)

COZY IN BED – Once asleep, I put him in bed and turn on his favorite giraffe sound machine. The soft safari sounds soothe him into good dreams mostly about milk.

MOMMY TIME – After Soren goes to sleep that’s my queue to either fall asleep myself, or get a couple little things done. Usually I like to take 30 minutes to give myself a little pamper time, wash my face, finish up a show and cozy up in bed.

Having a routine has been such a nice thing for the two of us. I look forward to it every night and love having special time with Soren. I look forward to continuing a nighttime routine with him as he grows and bringing in new traditions.

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