Our Monthly Instagram Update

Here’s what’s been going on in the life of Fern this month through the eyes of my Instagram feed

  • Outdoor fun

    Outdoor fun

    The dry months in Portland don’t last very long, so we’ve been taking full advantage by spending as much time outdoors as humanly possible. Picnics with friends and water play are all a part of our summer routine!

  • First time out of the country

    First time out of the country

    This is a photo of Fern from her first ferry ride during her first trip out of the country for a vacation in Vancouver B.C. last week. We had so much fun – Canada is lovely.

  • Color!


    Fern is gaining a new interest in coloring lately. She isn’t really showing any preference for handedness that I’ve noticed yet, but she enjoys scribbling nonetheless. She will often hand us a drawing utensil and instruct us to “Color! Color!”

  • Hugging EVERYTHING

    Hugging EVERYTHING

    This girl loves a good hug, particularly when it comes to animals. I’ve even started a hashtag for this: #fernhuggingcuteanimals. She even likes plastic animals.

  • Hide and seek

    Hide and seek

    Walking around with blankets, shirts, or any other random piece of fabric she can get her hands on has been a favorite as of late. She gets the biggest kick out of covering her face up for some reason and it always makes me laugh.

  • Adventuring with Daddy

    Adventuring with Daddy

    This past month has been less busy for my husband and we’ve been taking advantage and doing lots of adventuring and trying new things as a family.

  • Deep chuckles

    Deep chuckles

    Fern has the funniest little chuckle – it’s so deep and almost raspy! I can’t help but smile whenever she lets one out.

What’s your Instagram name? I’d love to take a peek at what you and your little ones have been up to lately!

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