Our Lately…

Everyone tells you that your babies will grow up too fast and you never really believe them…especially when you’re dragging through some of those early and super challenging days of parenthood. Those days are filled with dirty diapers, 4 a.m. feedings, and so much crying that you feel like the next stage couldn’t possibly come soon enough. But then it does…and you miss the last stage. It’s kind of the way life is. We tend to constantly look ahead and hope for the future and the next chapter in our books, but then it comes and we long for the past. I’m trying my hardest to be more present in the everyday moments these days, and stop to remember all the little things about my daughter that I love. Because of this, I wanted to share a post about our “lately” and what it’s looked like. Every day is a new adventure and she is growing and changing so fast, I can hardly keep track. So today I’m jotting some of these things down in an attempt to freeze them in time and relish the beauty in the now. I hope you will do the same today – feel free to leave comments about your “lately” below, or even write your own blog post and leave a link. I would LOVE to read it! And now…this is our “lately”…

  • Lately...


    Lately life has been moving too fast so I’m taking a moment to relish in the small and sweet moments.

  • So expressive

    So expressive

    Lately there has been an overwhelming amount of expressiveness and communication going on. I can’t always understand exactly what she’s trying to say, but she will let me know by pointing and using the words that she does have to let me know her wants and needs and through it I can see her little personality emerging.

  • Dancing queen

    Dancing queen

    Anytime music is playing these days, Fern is dancing. She has a signature booty drop and a head bob that gets me every time. Sometimes it’s not even music that gets her going; it’s just anything with a beat really. She even started dancing to the rhythm of my husband dosing out coffee grinds the other day. I love the joy that spreads across her face as she moves to the tempo.

  • New friends

    New friends

    Fern’s love for animals is still going strong and recently she gained a new “cousin” – a sweet little puppy belonging to her aunt and uncle and she was positively smitten. When they first met, her response was to repeat “Hiii Puppy! Hiii Puppy!” over and over for at least ten minutes straight.

  • Snuggles


    One of my favorite things about this current stage of development that we’re in is the snuggles. My girl has never been much of a snuggler, but lately she will run up to give me huge hugs around the neck for no reason at all. Sometimes she’ll just stop and look at me so intently before suddenly grabbing me face and pulling me in for a kiss. In those moments, my heart can hardly contain the joy that motherhood has brought me.

  • Wah-tuh


    A love of “wah-tuh” (a.k.a. water) has emerged and this girl loves to splash in it, look at it, drink it…anything involving water of any sort and she’s game. She’s like a happy little fish.

  • Determination


    When she sees something she likes or a task she wants to accomplish, there is almost nothing that can stand in her way. Sometimes she’ll scrape a knee en route or bump her head on the way to her goals, but she never lets it stop her. She wants to experience the world, and she wants to do it on her own terms, and I love that about her.

  • Intention


    Everything this girl does is with intention. She is always thinking and I can practically see the little wheels in her head turning. Sometimes I’ll watch her deep in thought or focused on an activity and I can see that everything she does has so much intention. It’s as if she devotes her all to each and every task and it makes me smile.

  • Mini me

    Mini me

    Fern loves mimicking our actions lately. It is incredibly sweet. One of her favorites is to sit with me while I’m doing my makeup and play along. I usually hand her a brush and she will imitate the sweeps of the brush that I am making or close her eyes to “apply” her own makeup just like mama. She is constantly a reminder that I am always being watched and I want to teach her good things.

  • Lover of all things

    Lover of all things

    There has yet to be an experience that Fern absolutely cannot stand. Every new experience is approached with abandon. Her first time seeing the ocean, or meeting a cow, or riding a theme park attraction…she enjoys them all and seems to thrive on each new experience and each new person she meets.

  • A little gem

    A little gem

    My sweet girl truly is a gem. Even on the days when she’s a grump, I feel so lucky to have been blessed with this lovely little creature. She is constantly teaching me and growing me and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

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