6 Secrets to a Successful Kid-Free Vacation


I mentioned last week that Ken and I managed to sneak away for a quick kid-free getaway — and today I thought it would be fun to share a few tips and tricks that helped ease the process with Bee!

The Location
Because this was our first kid-free getaway and Bee isn’t yet 2, we chose a location just 2.5 hours away in case of an emergency. We’re happy to report things went off without a hitch, but we’re a better-safe-than-sorry duo and could rest easy knowing we were close enough to drive home if necessary.

The Help
We were gone for 2 nights, so we lined up both grandmothers to split babysitting duties with Bee. They each had time to plan their favorite activities with Bee, and the variety kept Bee distracted enough that she didn’t miss us (too much!). Splitting the time proved to be perfect, as each grandmother had just enough energy to truly maximize their time together.

The Environment
We wanted Bee to feel safe, secure and comfortable in her own environment, so her grandmothers agreed to stay at our house during the duration of our getaway. She seemed to love sleeping in her own crib and being surrounded with her favorite activities, and we were happy to change as little as possible to ease the transition.

The Routine
We typed out a basic outline of our days (including emergency contact numbers) for both grandmothers to illustrate the routine Bee has grown accustomed to. We then encouraged our mothers to follow their gut and veer from the routine if they’d like – after all, they raised us, so we trust their judgment!

The Meals
We scrambled eggs and sliced fruit and veggies in advance to portion each day’s meals into separate containers labeled breakfast, lunch or dinner. The less work we left for our moms, the better we felt, and this way we could make sure Bee enjoyed her favorite nutritious foods while we were gone.

The Aftermath
Bee loved having an extended visit with her grandmothers, and we were happy to have some time away to rest and rejuvenate for a busy season ahead. Each grandmother was supplied with a pound of fudge and many, many hugs of gratitude. Win/win/win!

Tell me, how have you prepped for a kid-free getaway? I’d love to hear!

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