Our Firsts with The First Years

Thank you Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving us the Jake and the Neverland pirates sippy cup and 4-piece feeding set for free.

I am sure I am not the only Mama Bear out there who likes to save time when it come to tiny details like cleaning up after meal time. Who knew that there were so many parts to sippy cups that had to be cleaned?! I thought I hated only cleaning bottles, until I realized the hassle of washing sippy cups with what seemed like a million pieces. Haha! The First Years is on a mission to simplify and save time when it comes to mealtime. Let me tell you guys, they are doing just that! We were given the opportunity try out some products made by The First Years for our very first time, and I am now a believer. What a difference these products have made when it comes to saving time and cleaning up!

All of this is perfect timing, because The First Years is actually hosting a Facebook sweepstakes. Up for grabs is a $1,000 gift card–plus they are giving away weekly prizes! Allow The First Years to help you save time and frustration with their awesome products! Hurry, enter the sweepstakes now!

  • Mealtime with The First Years

    Baylor’s favorite part of the day! If you are like me, you try to make breakfast as easy as possible. Why? I am NOT a morning person. This meal set and sippy made all the difference.

    Get it at Babies"R"Us

  • Big Plate for a Big Appetite

    My problem with most toddler plates is that the sections of the plates are tiny. I know what you’re thinking. “That sure is a lot of food for a little baby!” Don’t be fooled you guys–he may be small, but his appetite is mighty! This plate offered the perfect portions for my big guy.

    Get it at Babies"R"Us

  • Four-Piece Feeding Set

    This set came complete with a pint-sized fork and spoon. Perfect for tiny hands! It also came with a bowl (not pictured). We are working on using a fork and spoon because up until now my mischievous boy couldn’t be trusted to roam free with a spoon. He is finally getting the hang of it, and this perfectly sized spoon and fork couldn’t have came at a better time!

    Get it at Babies"R"Us

  • One-Piece Lid Sippy Cup

    And now my favorite. The First Years offer a one-piece lid sippy cup. Stop hassling with all those parts of your current sippy cup and go buy one of these now! There are no hidden compartments to worry about cleaning. This cup is golden, you guys!

    Get it at Babies"R"Us


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