Our First Year Must Haves

We just wrapped up our first year as being first time parents to an amazing baby boy. You can never fully prepare yourself for bringing a baby into the world. As much as you think you are ready, having a baby brings so many emotions and surprises that you could have never dreamed of. There are definitely a few essentials that we needed over this past year that have kept us sane.

Glider Swing – Baylor spent a lot of time in his swing until he became mobile. It was great to have because he could sleep so peacefully in it and I was able to get some housework done. Check out Disney Baby’s available swings in the Activity Gear section.

Burp rags – Lots and lots of burp rags. When we first had Baylor we didn’t have very many and it will surprise you how quickly one goes amiss or gets soiled so quickly. I bought cloth diapers for super cheap and those were the lifesavers.


White Noise – We had a white noise app on my phone and tablet that worked wonders for when our babe was restless. Especially handy for in the car or naptime.

Socks – Still to this day I have such a hard time keeping up with socks. I buy new socks all the time because I swear the ones we use run away! Stock up on socks people!

Swaddles – There are lots of great options for swaddling nowadays which were super handy for midnight swaddling.

Spacious Diaper Bag + Travel Changing Pad – Because no one wants to lay their brand new baby on a dirty public changing table. I can’t stress enough the importance of a large and organized diaper bag. For your sanity find one with tons of space and organization pockets.

Oatmeal Baths – This is super handy if you have a babe with sensitive skin and also helps relieve diaper rash.

Camera – Other than your phone! When baby comes your memory in your phone will fill up rapidly. My point and shoot camera has been so handy and I have been able to successfully capture every single milestone!

Toys for Outside – Bay has always found comfort in being outside. Nothing is more soothing to him than the going outside to swing or ride around in his push toy.

These are our First Year Must-Haves. What did you find most important to have in your babe’s first year?

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