First Surf, Sun, & Waves!

The August sun in the Pacific Northwest usually signifies long sleepless nights in warm non-air-conditioned houses (AC just isn’t that common in many homes) and long weekend trips to the beach to beat the heat.

At just about two hours from Portland, the Oregon Coast has some of the most scenic vistas and pristine beaches you can find. Plus, a key factor in staying comfortable…

Mother Nature’s air conditioner. The temperature usually hovers around 65-70 degrees even in the heart of summer, bringing with it gentle and cool ocean breezes.

So we set off with Grandma & Grandpa for Wyatt’s first trip to the coast. Needless to say it was a hit! The feeling of sand trickling through his fingers for the first time, the sea rushing up to meet his toes flexing in the wet sand, and the sight of waves crashing ashore, it was a scene to behold.


Watching my son witness something for the first time has been my most unexpected joy as a parent! As a first time parent, there has been little more exciting than watching him – eyes wide open – absorbing the stage show the world is putting on for him. Whether it’s seeing seagulls fly overhead, or dogs frolicking in the sand, his amazement gives me a new perspective on places I’ve visited since I was a kid.

Wyatt’s giggles as the frigid water met his toes could be heard well above the sound of waves. His smile was visible to the kites flying above. And his love for the entire experience was brighter than the sun peaking through the thin coastal clouds. For every time we’d say, “Wyatt where’s the ocean?” and have him point to the water was something that never got old (for us).

The house is nearly booked again for next year, where instead of crawling, the sand will be spilling from his toes as he races down the beach shovel and bucket in hand to build that perfect sand castle. I won’t be able to believe a year has passed, but he’ll be more excited than ever to hit the beach.

What’s been your unexpected joy as a parent? Share with me your favorite moments!

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