Our First Holiday with Soren

Easter, our first holiday with Soren kinda sneaked up on us! We got up early for church, had lunch with our family and managed to squeeze in a quick photo of the three of us. I kinda felt bad about not doing anything special, we didn’t buy him a fun outfit or get him anything Easter related…we started off the holiday just like we would have if it was just the two of us.


In the midst of being busy with a newborn, learning how to be parents and working on getting back into the swing of things, our first holiday with our little man came and went. Although there was a twinge of guilt, there was also an overwhelming sense of joy. I realized at that moment that it’s no longer just Jon and I, we have someone to share new and old traditions with and celebrate meaningful days together. We get to experience the joy of childhood again through Soren’s perspective. It made me so excited about the future of possibilities we have together as a family and all of the holidays to come.

We’re starting to realize how much fuller our lives feel and how excited it is going to be to watch him grow and experience life. This is such an incredibly special season of our lives and we couldn’t be more grateful. Even though Easter didn’t turn out to be filled with new family traditions, it is special because it became the first holiday we celebrated together as a family. I can hardly wait for more.

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