Our First Date After Baby

I can hardly believe it, but my husband and I were actually able to sneak away for a little dinner date to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary last weekend! With 3 kids, getting alone time is nearly impossible, especially when I’m nursing miss Margot every couple hours. Thanks to my husband’s sister, we were able to enjoy a solid 2 hours kid-free!

We took all 3 girls to her house and I nursed Margot right before we left. We snuck away to a fun Irish pub for the biggest burger and pile of onion rings I’ve ever laid eyes on (proof below.) We exchanged gifts. We reminicsed on our 6 years of marriage. We talked about all we have accomplished. We laughed hard. I even cried. (The good kind, don’t worry!) Afterward, we went for a quick walk by the river before we had to head back to the kidlets.

It may have been short lived, but it was fabulous. We both agreed that we needed to make time for this more often, even if it’s just an hour or 2 that we get to sneak away.

Do you have multiple children? How do you make time for your spouse? 

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