6 Free Summer Activities Baby Will Love

Every morning when my son wakes up, his first question is, “What I’m doing today?” During summertime, we have a LOT of free time on our hands. I try to make being at home exciting (hooray for painting, reading books, and watching our favorite Disney movies!) but my kids also like to go out. There is plenty to do around town but it can get expensive paying for zoo trips and aquariums and specialty indoor playgrounds. So I try to keep a handy list of FREE activities we can enjoy outside the home. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Library. Oh, how we love the library. There are SO many books and DVDs to check out. They also have computers and a few games for the younger kids. Also every library around here has a story time for the kiddos. I go to whichever library is having story time that day and let my kids enjoy singing songs, listening to fun books, and interacting with other children.
  • Playground. In Miami it gets unbearably hot, so we try to hit up the playground early in the morning (my kids are early risers). It’s nice because it’s not too crowded or too hot.
  • Splash Pads. There is an abundance of splash pads around here. Most you have to pay for but I have located a couple that are free of charge. My kids are water babies and love running around in the water.
  • Little Farms. If you drive just a bit south from where we live you will hit farm country. So many cute little farms and fruit stands abound. Again, some you have to pay to enjoy but there are a few gems that are free (do your research!) and my kids love looking at and petting the animals.
  • The Mall Play Place. Again, it’s hot in Miami and the summer season can be especially rainy, so I love taking my kids to the nearby mall to play in the little play area sheltered from the all the crazy weather. It’s not much but they enjoy it. It’s always the little things with kids.
  • Beach. Miami is famous for the beach but depending on where you live around the country you can adjust this one a little bit (the lake? the mountains? anything outdoorsy?). We bring along our sand toys and the kids have a great time building sand castles and splashing in the water. Bonus: They’re so exhausted after a beach trip that they take extra long naps after.
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