Our Family’s New Year Resolutions

I am not much into new year resolutions, mainly because I’m constantly setting goals and trying to improve year round.

But together with my husband and our four year old we sat around the dinner table this week and talked about what we wanted to achieve in 2014. We explained it to M and he thought it was such a great idea. He started rattling off everything he wanted to do.

As a family we resolve to:

  1. Have more quality time with papi — he travels a lot so we are hoping there will be less travel in 2014 and more time with us.
  2. Do more crafts! (seriously!) I’m not very good, but I want to do more projects with my son and get my soon to be 1 year old involved too!
  3. Go running and/or cycling as a family — we are looking for a double running stroller or a bike attachment for the baby.
  4. Cut back late night working hours to once or twice a week, but not every day.
  5. Recycle more — we get kind of lazy and it ends up in the trash.
  6. Take less selfies and more actual, proper, well focused family pictures.
  7. PRINT family photos and decorate the house with them.
  8. Do more MAGIC and have magical powers (the four year old said that!)
  9. Go for more family walks.
  10. And lastly, practice my cooking. I’m terrible and I want to improve to make yummy meals for the family.
What are your resolutions for your family?
Happy New Year!


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