Our Easter Brunch Tradition (And Menu!)

I love Easter. 

Although I’m a fun of most all holidays, Easter holds a special place in my heart. For religious reasons for our family, yes, but also because it’s such a light-hearted, hopeful holiday. Unlike Christmas, with its cold weather and potential for power outages (totally us this year), Easter holds the promise of spring in the air.

Easter also seems to be to be a little less pressure-filled of a holiday; Christmas has so many expectations that go along with it, while Easter feels more easy-breezy and fun for me.


I love celebrating Easter in a way that matches the holiday–in a light, fun, spring-friendly way. And what other way to do that than with an easy Easter brunch?

We start out the day with the kids waking up to find their Easter baskets. As they grow older, the Easter Bunny has gotten a little more tricky and hides their Easter baskets around the house. Filled with simple goodies like sidewalk chalk, sunglasses, and books, the theme is always “get out and get active!” but of course, chocolate in moderation is part of a healthy lifestyle too, right?

When we have a baby in the house, which for us, seems to be every other year, he or she gets a custom Easter egg trail to the basket or a little help from an older sibling to find a mini Easter basket. It’s an easy way to get the whole family involved in the fun.

After that, it’s time to eat! I invite the grandparents over for all of our brunch favorites and then, after we have chowed down on all the delicious foods, it’s time to get outside for the annual Easter egg hunt.

Our Easter brunch menu


Homemade overnight yeast waffles. I love these waffles because I can start them the night before Easter and let them rise all night. There’s nothing like the authentic, yeasty taste of these waffles–and they are so light and fluffy they practically melt in your mouth. Serve these with plenty of real maple syrup or topped with fresh whipped cream and strawberries. Recipe here.

Sausage + vegetable egg casserole. This casserole can also be assembled the day before, which is convenient for moms on the go. It can also be easily tinkered with, adjusting to taste with more or less veggies or meat. I usually make one meat-heavy one for my husband, and a full-on vegetable one for me. Recipe here.


Cheesy potatoes. Ok, before I go on, let’s establish that I didn’t say this brunch was necessarily heart-healthy, right? But I am slightly obsessed with cheesy potatoes, and aside from summer open houses, this is the one time of year that I make them, so I enjoy guilt-free! I make mine the old-school way with cream of mushroom soup, like the recipe here.

Fresh fruit salad. Sometimes I get lucky and my mom will bring this one–freshly chopped pineapple, strawberries, grapes, and blueberries are our favorites.

Bacon. Um, because it’s bacon?

Hard boiled eggs. Colored and decorated for Easter, of course!


Lemon blueberry bundt cake. Dessert is by far my favorite thing to cook and I love coming up with something new to try each year. Last year it was a delicious mini-chocolate chip cheesecake recipe, but this year, I’m dying to try out my new bundt cake pan with this tempting glazed treat.

Freshly-brewed coffee. With lots of authentic cream! We grind our own beans and it makes a huge difference in taste. If you haven’t tried it, do it and let me know if you ever go back.

Juice for the kids. Orange juice or a fun fruit punch is on the menu for the kiddos.

How does your family celebrate Easter? 


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