Our 4 Favorite Birthday Traditions

Do you have birthday traditions in your family? You know, the special things you do on your little one’s birthday that make it extra special?


Our daughter is only 2 years young, but we are slowly adding family traditions that I hope we continue for years to come.

Here is what we’ve started to do…

1. Special Breakfast. I make sure I make all her favorites. Pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse with whipped cream, a berry smoothie, and scrambled eggs.

2. Birthday Crown. I’ve started making a special crown for each of her birthdays. I make it out of felt so that she can keep it throughout the year and play dress up with it.

3. A Book of Yearly Pictures. I made a Blurb Book for my daughter after her first birthday. It was filled with all of our Instagram pictures from her first year of life. I just finished the second one for her last week. It’s filled with new pictures from this past year. What a keepsake to be able to look back on each year!

4. A Special Something. We always give her wrapped presents to open, but we also take a trip to the toy store and let her pick out something on her very own. Nothing huge, just a special little something.

What are your birthday traditions?

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