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Wow! August flew by didn’t it? Luckily, I’m slightly addicted to taking photos on my phone and I had quite a goofy little collection of our adventures this last month. Here’s a glimpse into the fun we had…

  • August in an Instant

    We had a lot of fun this August. Some travel, some healthy habits, and some just for mom me time. Click through to see! And follow me on instagram @beckarobinson for more. :)

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  • Lunch Date!

    Little man came with us to a lunch date at our favorite local restaurant. This was the first time he actually kept that hat on. I think he knew how cool he looked.

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  • Healthy Habits!

    We started to let Bubs pick what he wants to eat for lunch. Luckily for us he loves healthy food so we are supporting his healthy choices by making them as fun as possible!

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  • Egg-celent

    We picked out these gorgeous farm fresh eggs. The light blue color was just too pretty to pass up! Our son loves scrambled eggs so these were perfect!

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  • Road Trip!

    We had to take a trip up to Atlanta for work and decided last minute to take the little man with us. He was a trooper during the 8 hour car ride. Every time we stopped for gas he wanted to “drive”. ;)

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  • Hey Handsome!

    Took some time to hang out with my husband. Cuddling on the sofa and watching movies is quality time as far as we’re concerned. It’s great to feel re-connected to him even when life gets hectic.

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  • Just For Me Time

    I decided to enroll in a wheel-throwing pottery class to have some time just for me. It was one of the best decisions ever. These are all the pretty things I made. I had so much fun. I’d highly recommend it!

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  • Beach Baby

    We took Cadence to the beach for the second time ever and he LOVED it! We jumped in the waves and made castles in the sand.

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  • Sammie Time

    Sammies, aka sandwiches, became one of his favorite new foods. He’s becoming very independent about eating and prefers things that don’t require our assistance.

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  • Goofing Off

    When we say “Show us your muscles!” he flexes and makes this hilarious face. Sometimes he does it completely unprovoked. It makes me so happy to have it documented in a photo. Ha!

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