Our Adventures in Trying Solids

Soren is nearing the 6-month mark (it’s hard to believe!) and we’ve been taste testing new foods here and there to get him used to the mechanics of eating. For awhile leading up to his 4-month mark, I started reading and asking around to try to figure out WHEN I should start letting him try food and WHAT I should start him out with. I found a lot of conflicting advice, and we also talked to the pediatrician about her thoughts. As with most parenting decisions, there is a huge variety of opinions and choices. For us, it came down to going with what we felt would be best and taking a few cues from Soren.


Somewhere near Soren turning 5 months, he started showing signs of being more interested in food. He would stare at us eating, started to reach out a little, and seemed curious. I went back and forth on whether to start him on cereal or something like avocado. After a lot of thought, Jon and I decided to start him on avocado. We mashed up just a tiny bit until it resembled a puree and we let him try it for the first time. He really liked it! To this day he’s still learning the mechanics of eating, but he really enjoyed his first experience. We continued trying avocado with him every few days for a couple weeks and then decided to slowly introduce a few new flavors.

While I intend on making my own baby food in the future, we were so pleased to find several organic “just carrots…” etc. baby food options. So our next food? Carrots! He REALLY liked the carrots. He would make a “Mmmmm” sound each time we put a little in his mouth. We stuck with the avocado and carrots for awhile and eventually added sweet potatoes.

Our method for the first few months was to get him used to the idea of eating, the way eating works, to and let him have the opportunity to try a few new things. As we approach 6 months, we plan to make food a regular part of his day and incorporate more tastes and homemade purees!

We would love for Soren to try a wide variety of healthy foods in hopes that it might make him a little less of a picky eater. One way we’ve been trying this is by mostly introducing veggies before giving him too much sweet fruit. Once we work on the veggies a little longer, we plan to give him fruits and a wide variety of different tastes. How fun!

Every time we plan on giving Soren a new taste, we always end up recording his reaction. So far his biggest reaction has been towards carrots with a loud “Mmmm” sound. It’s a lot of fun watching him try new things!

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