Our Second Trip to the Beach Was a Success!

Last year, we took our son to the beach for the first time. He was about 9 months old, and while he liked the pool, he was not much of a fan of the actual beach. The ocean seemed to scare him and he hated touching the sand. So now that summertime has come again and our son is a year older, we figured we’d try again. And this time HE LOVED IT!

  • Our 2nd Trip to the Beach

    Our 2nd Trip to the Beach

    We headed to the east coast of Florida for our son’s 2nd trip to the beach. Pink sand, big waves, and digging holes in the sand were just some of his favorite things. Click through to see some photos from our trip!

  • In the Ocean

    In the Ocean

    Last year he was afraid of the ocean; this year he loved it!

  • Jumping the Waves

    Jumping the Waves

    His favorite thing all day was jumping the waves. My husband would hold him up high and he’d giggle.

  • Fun with Dad

    Fun with Dad

    Our son is a little daredevil. He loved playing with Dad in the water.

  • Worn Out

    Worn Out

    At the end he found our towels and crashed. HAHA!

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